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Krampus Christmas Challenge 2018

December 11, 2018 | By | No Comments

On December 21st, at 645PM, the Burnaby Velodrome Club be hosting the Second Annual Krampus Christmas Challenge!

oh lawd he comin

The tradition was started when two of our more… vocal members had a whinge about one of the races being canceled on the last night of racing in 2017. This is an unofficial race, with no points being awarded.

This year’s benefactor is the Britannia Secondary: Breakfast Program. More information about this program can be found here.

Entry for the Krampus Christmas Challenge is $20, with 100% of all entries going to the charity.

Last year we had prizes for winners of each race, with the winner of the last race getting the prestigious lump of coal. This year also boasts a similar, but top secret prize!

There will also be a Christmas Crawl, winner take all! Entry is $3. Heckling is encouraged.

Racing kicks off at 6:45, there will be no Novice category. Schedule of events:

646: Christmas Crawl. $3 entry, winner takes all.

Race 1: Belgian Win ‘n’ Out:
C Group: 20 Laps
B Group: 30 Laps
A Group: 40 Laps

Race 2: Point-a-Lap
C Group: 15 Laps
B Group: 25 Laps
A Group: 35 Laps

Race 3: Scratch Race
C Group: 25 Laps
*B Group: 35 Laps
*A Group: 45 Laps

*I’ve got something especially obnoxious planned for the last two races of the evening.


2016 Provincial Track Cycling Championships

April 1, 2016 | By | No Comments

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting the BC Provincial Championships at the Burnaby Velodrome this year. Mark the date on your calendar August 26th-28th it is all going down. We want to say thank you to Viasport, and Cycling British Columbia for their generous support of the event.

Who will be the next provincial champion? Will it be you?

Photo credit Steve McConnell

Early Bird Price Structure *please note early registration closes August 21st at midnight. All registration after this will be done day of and will cost $20 dollars more ie Elite omnium is $80 dollars up to the 21st, day of will be $100 dollars

  • U13 $30 dollars omnium 3 events
  • U15 $50 dollars omnium 5 events
  • U17 $50 dollars omnium 5 events
  • U19 $60 dollars omnium 6 events
  • Elite- $80 dollars omnium 6 events + sprints
  • Sprint events $20 dollars per event or $50 for all 3
  • Masters/Cat ¾ men $80 dollars for omnium and sprints
  • Masters/Cat ¾ women $60 dollars for omnium and sprints 
  • Para C1-C5 Omnium $40 dollars for para omnium only (Flying lap, 500m/Kilo, and Pursuit)

To register please visit our website and login if you are already a member or create an account. It is free to create an account on our website. Please note that only one person can register an account per email address.

Hand Book-Track Champs Official Tech Guide 2

Race schedule-Here

  • Race schedule is subject to change by race organizer.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help.

Bare Bones weekend November 6th, 7th, and 8th

October 26, 2015 | By | No Comments

Info about the upcoming Bare Bones weekend.

Where is it?
Burnaby Veldrodrome Club
7564 Barnet Hwy,
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1E7

When is it?-Friday 6:30-9pm

-Saturday 9am doors open for the facility, 10:30am racing starts and will run until the evening.

-Sunday 9am doors open for the facility, 10:30am racing starts and will run until 2pm.

What does it cost? Entry fee is $50 for the weekend, $30 if you are a race pass holder.

This is the tentative Schedule- Depending on number of riders we will change distances. Organizer can make changes to events.


Scratch/split points race

Chariot races

Belgian win and out

Italian Pursuit (5rider) must contain at least1woman 1junior



200m TT (8 qual)

1st round sprints 1 ride

Miss and out

Semi final Sprint 1 ride

1Km Handicap/wheel race qualifying

Team match sprint(undecided)

Unknown Points race


Team Sprint

1Km Handicap/wheel race final

Team match sprint(undecided)

Point a lap

Sprint minor 1st ride

Sprint final 1st ride

scratch race

Sprint 5-8

Sprint minor 2nd ride

Sprint final 2nd ride


Sprint minor 3rd if nec.

Sprint final 3rd if nec.

Blackjack points race

1st and last elimination


Keirin qualifying

Unknown distance points race

Keirin semi

Marymoor crawl

Derny race (elite rider as derny with woman/junior/b or c racer


Sprint Tournament on Wednesday

February 9, 2015 | By | No Comments

I’ve been getting lots of questions about the upcoming Sprint Tournament on Wednesday so I thought it would be a good time to give a little more information. Let me begin by saying that everyone should attend! Don’t be fooled by its competitive title, “tournament” should really be taken in the loosest version of the word.

We’ll start the night off by having everyone do a flying 200 meter time trial (3.5 laps where,on our track, only the last lap is timed). This is how all sprint tournaments start and it’s used to seed the sprint rounds. Typically a predetermined number of riders, “X” will advance through to the sprint competition. This could be as many as 24 and as few as 4, it really depends on the level of competition and the race organizer. From there the fastest rider would meet the slowest rider to qualify. If for example X=16 than X1 would race X16, X2 would race X15, and so on. For our purposes this will merely help group riders of similar speed.

Once we know how everyone stacks up we’ll run a round robin so that riders race people of similar speed/ability. Since we only have a maximum of two riders on the track at a time the race is hardly “mass start” which is why even people that haven’t taken the Learn to Race can compete. Having said that, all participants must have graduated the Novice training session in order to participate.

Our goal will be to have everyone ride at least three sprint rounds, not including the Flying 200m TT. It’s possible that we may get more riding time but it’s impossible to say since it’s all drop-in. Either way racing will start promptly at 7:00pm. Open track begins at 6:00 so be sure to come early enough to warm up. It’s also a good idea to bring your rollers since there’s lots of recovery between efforts.

Your goal should be to have a fun workout that trains race craft and top end speed. If, for whatever reason, you find the sprinting is too easy…put a smaller gear on and push yourself. Remember to go in with a plan, try something new; you might surprise yourself and find that it works. And, while you’re figuring out what you want to do, just scratch track stands from the list. Yeah they’re kinda cool…when you’re a World Champion, but at the grassroots level, you’re just killing time for everyone else. That and, realistically, few sprinters track stand on the world level anymore (so, when in Rome…).

Last, but not least, we’ll have sprinting at our last Feature Friday Night Race Series event. The sprinting on Friday will be a continuation of the sprinting on Wednesday. The top four riders will be invited to compete on Friday in an exhibition match that goes straight to 1/4 finals. If you want in on the action just let us know on Wednesday when you’re signing up.

Get Inspired!

December 15, 2014 | By | No Comments

In case you haven’t heard, the Burnaby 4 Day is coming up soon. So if you haven’t already taken our Learn to Race clinic, and you’ve graduated the Learn to Ride courses, be sure to join us Friday for our last Learn to Race of the year. Then join us December 27th-30th to watch the pros make it look easy! Space is limited so sign up soon.

  • $ 0.00 CAD

Madison Clinic

November 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Attention B Riders…and anyone else interested in learning a new skill at the track.

We will be hosting a Madison clinic on Saturday November 22nd for all interested riders. Once again we will be bringing in Zak Kovalcik to lead the clinic which starts at roughly 8:00pm. While the clinic is intended for our ‘B’ riders interested in competing at this year’s Burnaby 4 Day, it is open to all riders in the C’s and up. Space is limited to 20 participants and registration is first come first serve. Sign up soon!

Time Trials 11/6

November 6, 2014 | By | No Comments

What a turnout! Thanks to everyone that came out to our bi-monthly time trials. It’s always a great chance to put your fitness to the test. Whether you’ve taken our Learn to Race or are even interested in racing, set your baseline and keep your training in check.

Having said that, with Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Race Series coming up this Friday, there was more than just a PR on the line. The top two riders in each event pre-qualify for the Jeremy Storie Memorial Wheelrace. In the event that one of those riders qualified in a previous event, the invitation is extended to the next fastest rider.

Be sure to join us on Friday. Racing starts at 7:00pm! #FFNRS

Flying 200
Khyl Orser 12.32
Max Duso 12.36
Michael Wegner 12.63
Cam Fitzmaurice 12.72
Brad Dean 12.81
Brendan Armstrong 12.85
Rowan Morris 12.91
Emil Marcetta 13.12
Julian Base 13.22
Kevin Hay 13.47
Fergus Horrobin 13.57
Anselmo Rossiello 13.63
Jason Reddy 13.65
Liam Fox 13.72
Chris Wilberg 13.75
Roni Jones 13.78
John Forstrom 13.81
Derek Ulrich 13.93
Scott Vigliatti 14.00
Ryan Golbeck 14.09
Meghan Grant 14.17
Andrew Lepper 14.46
Nathan Killam 14.65
Bronson Patychuk 14.79
Bob Mclaren 14.88
Enzo Figliuzzi 14.90
Kaitlin Wood 15.00
Margaret Ovenell 15.06
Melanie Von Stetton 15.25
Gordon Reddy 15.63
Jennifer Kohm 15.81
Steve Lloyd 17.21
500m TT
Khyl Orser 36.46
Scott Vigliotti 40.22
Anselmo Rossellie 40.31
Ryan Cousineau 41.28
Meghan Grant 41.75
Kaitlin Wood 42.78
John Forstrom 42.84
Chris Wilberg 42.85
Bob McLaren 43.31
Jennifer Kohm 45.09
Melanie Von Stetton 46.03
Derek Ulrich ?
1km TT
Max Duso 01:11.96
Cam Fitzmaurice 01:12.56
Michael Wegner 01:13.78
Brendan Armstrong 01:14.46
Bradley Dean 01:14.62
Rowan Morris 01:16.03
Julian Base 01:16.37
Fergus Horrobin 01:18.34
Roni Jones 01:18.38
Kevin Hay 01:20.03
Jason Reddy 01:22.34
Sarah Coney 01:22.78
Scott Vigliotti 01:23.01
Ryan Golbeck 01:23.18
Andrew Lepper 01:23.37
Anselmo Rossiello 01:24.72
Nathan Killam 01:24.75
Ben Auxier 01:26.18
Bronson Patychuk 01:26.60
Liam Fox 01:27.75
Enzo Figliuzzi 01:29.02
Aaron Greenberg 01:31.25
Ed Pearson 01:31.52
Cam Fitzmaurice 02:34.10
Fergus Horrobin 02:36.07
John Forstrom 02:46.88
Chris Wilberg 02:47.15
Bob McLaren 03:00.44
Ed Pearson 03:05.65
Gord Reddy 03:12.02
Max Duso 03:47.56
Brendon Armstrong 03:53.51
Julian Base 03:57.12
Rowan Morris 03:57.22
Sarah Coney 04:18.56
Jason Reddy 04:29.31
Kaitlin Wood 04:34.70
Melanie Von Stetton 04:42.21
Jennifer Kohm 04:51.75
Brad Dean 05:28.78
Roni Jones 05:34.87
Nathan Killam 05:52.66
Ryan Golbeck 05:52.84
Ben Auxier 05:54.06
Bronson Patychuk 06:15.60
Aaron Greenberg 06:21.34
Ed Pearson 06:21.75
Liam Fox 06:27.12
Team Pursuit
Bradley Dean 05:16.71
Roni Jones
Derek Ulrich
Michael Wegner
Ryan Cousineau 05:50.34
Enzo Figluizzi
Tobin Henderson
Stuart Lynn

Barney and Oscar’s FFNRS #2 p/b Livestock and G-Shock

November 4, 2014 | By | No Comments


Feature Friday Night Racing resumes this Friday at 7:00pm! Our A, B, and Women’s categories will be duking it out to determine who gets to wear the Vie 13 Leader’s jersey, meanwhile our U17/U19 riders  will be throwing down as they gear up for the 2014 National Junior & U17 Track Championships being held right here in Burnaby later this month.

Spectators can come on out and enjoy Dageraad’s Belgian line-up in the craft beer garden or great food provided by WINGS. The fun’s not just for adults though, with a kiddie kilo early in the evening the whole family can get in on the action. Here’s what’s in store…

Event #

Category Laps Race


A 43 35 laps to Belgian Win & Out


U17/U19 Men Elimination


U17/U19 Women 10 Venue Blaster


Women 40 Scratch w/2 Primes


B 25 Point-a-Lap


Kiddie Kilo


Jeremy Storie Memorial Wheelrace


U17/U19 Women 2 East vs. West Exhibition Team Sprint


U17/U19 Men 40 Scratch


U17/U19 Women Elimination


A 70 7×10 Points Race


Women 50 5×10 Points


B 50 Scratch w/3 Primes


U17/U19 Men 3 East vs. West Exhibition Team Sprint


A 60 Scratch w/3 Primes


U17/U19 Women 40 4×10 Points


U17/U19 Men 50 5×10 Points


Women 15 laps to Elimination


B 50 5×10 Progressive Points


A Madison Elimination

Beer Passport 2014

October 27, 2014 | By | No Comments

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

-Benjamin Franklin

If you’re a fan of craft beer and missed Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Race presented by Livestock and G-Shock on October 10th, don’t worry; the next event is just around the corner. On November 7th, join us in the beer garden with Burnaby’s own Dageraad Brewing. But don’t wait until then to get started on your Beer Passport…and yes, it really is as amazing as it sounds!

Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Race Series p/b Livestock and G-Shock is supposed to be about showcasing the best our area has to offer both on and off the track. While the racing is going and the music playing, we’re showcasing one of the area’s fine microbreweries in our beer garden (must be 19 or older with valid ID).

How it Works:

Each night you come into the beer garden you get one stamp. Collect all of the stamps and you’ll walk away from the last FFNRS event in February with a commemorative pint glass (while supplies last). And, as a special bonus, make it out to any night of the Burnaby 4 Day, and in February we’ll fill up your new pint glass the first time on the house.

“So what happens if I didn’t make it out to one of the previous races,” you may ask. Not to worry! You can catch up by buying a pint (or sleeve where pints aren’t available) at one of the following locations, be sure to ask for the stamp. Then come out to the remaining FFNRS events to fill up the rest of your passport.

FFNRS Event Brewery Make-up Location
October 10th Hoyne Brewery Caffe Barney, 2526 Main Street,
Vancouver, BC V5T 3E4
November 7th Dageraad Brewery #114, 3191 Thunderbird Crescent, Burnaby BC V5A 3G1
February 13th 33 Acres Brewing 15 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8
December 27th-30th Bonus Event Multiple Not any, you have to be there!

On Deck: Feature Friday Night Race Series #1

October 6, 2014 | By | No Comments

They’re back!

Join us for our first Feature Friday Night Race Series presented by Livestock. As always, the racing is meant to highlight the very best of track cycling; a showcase of the diversity that makes this sport, and it’s people, great. The night’s feature events will include an invitational match sprint tournament and a Madison. Categories include: A grade, B grade, a kiddie kilo, and, in honor of Junior National Championships coming to Burnaby, U17/U19 women and men. In the higher categories racers will compete for their turn to wear the coveted Leader’s Jersey presented by Vie 13 Kustom Apparel and if they can hang, the FFNRS Champion’s Jersey being presented at the series finale on February 13th.

But what spectacle would be complete without great food and good drink? At each of our Feature Friday Nights we’ll also showcase one of the regions finest craft breweries in our beer garden. Anyone 19 and over can pick up a Beer Passport and get a stamp from Hoyne Brewery who will be on tap first!

In addition we’ll have WINGS on hand dishing out some delicious eats.

What are you waiting for, invite your friends and come out to the velodrome, one of only two indoor tracks in the country we might add.



Race Type



30 laps to Dutch Win and Out

U17/U19 Women


U17/U19 Men





Sprint Round 1 (Bronze)



Sprint Round 1 (Gold)

Kiddie Kilo







U17/U19 Women


Venue Blaster

U17/U19 Men




Sprint Round 2 (Bronze)



Sprint Round 2 (Gold)





U17/U19 Women


4×10 Points

U17/U19 Men


6×10 Points



Sprint Round 3 (Bronze)



Sprint Round 3 (Gold)



5×10 Points



4×20 Madison