We are open – amidst COVID-19

Posted June 30, 2020

Hey there BVC Superfans! We’re BACK! Yes, you heard that right! After the abrupt end to programming in mid-March, due to a little global …

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RIP Kelyn Akuna

Posted May 17, 2020

The Burnaby Velodrome Club is first and foremost a community. A community that’s come together over our shared love of track cycling. It’s with …

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B5 – Evan Richardson

Posted May 12, 2020

Name: Evan Richardson Bike: Cannondale CAAD 10 How long you have been riding road/track / Burnaby Velodrome: I have been riding with DEVO for …

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B5 – Normand Richard

Posted May 9, 2020

Name: Normand Richard Bike check after arriving in T.O. for National Championships in 2018#questionablebehaviour tour. Bike: Second-hand aluminum BMC TR02 Photo Credit to How …

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B5 – Derek Ulrich

Posted May 7, 2020

Name: Derek Ulrich     Bike: Bianchi Super Pista How long you have been riding road/track / Burnaby Velodrome: Started racing mountain bikes in …

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B5 – Keith Christopher Thomas Bruneau

Posted May 5, 2020

Name:  Keith Christopher Thomas Bruneau or………Tuna (Long story short,  I was the first victim of the nets at BVC, draw your own conclusion) Bike: …

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Do you need your stuff? HJSC access dates and times …

Posted May 3, 2020

Hi Everyone, If you want to access the HJSC to pick up your bike or other equipment below is the schedule for May. Please …

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B5 – Neil Salway

Posted May 3, 2020

 Name: Neil Salway Neil is always ready and willing to help out. Leading a group on the track or fixing the track he always …

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B5 – Neil Davies

Posted May 1, 2020

Name: Neil Davies Bike: Fuji Track Elite How long have you been riding/racing track and road? I have been riding as long as I …

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Update on COVID-19 Race Calendar

Posted April 28, 2020

Cycling Canada and Cycling BC announced further impacts on the domestic racing calendar due to actions to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Cycling Canada, Ottawa: …

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B5 – Tylor Sherman

Posted April 27, 2020

Name: Tylor Sherman Bike: Cannondale CAAD10 Track How long you have been riding road/track / Burnaby Velodrome? Started at the velodrome in December and try to …

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B5 – Mark Butschler

Posted April 25, 2020

Name: Mark Butschler   Bike: BMC Track Machine History of riding: Been riding since the 80s. Got heavy into road, tri &Mtb while working …

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