BC Restart Plan is upon us!

STEP 3 July 1

  • Group riding for youth and adults!
  • Expansion of the Learn to ride program!
  • Novice workouts, intermediate and advanced workouts – Coached Workouts!
  • Masks and physical distancing are required on the infield
  • Spectators permitted – sort of – we are awaiting updates to COVID plans from HJSC

Based on our typical group sizes and the limitations of the track we are pretty much operating at our full capacity. So take advantage of the summer and get back on track!


Performance Training

Performance training is a time in the calendar where athletes can work on technical and physical improvements and there is no other organized session going on. Attendees during these sessions should coordinate with the others in attendance and the track attendant so that they can get the most out of the block. Some folks might be sprinting, doing training for IP, or just testing out positions and bar set up. These sessions are mixed with Open Track to allow other members that would like to ride to be able to ride the track as well.