Facility Closed due to COVID-19

Open Track

When there are no organized workouts, instruction or other scheduled events track users are allowed to do their own workouts and drills within reason and subject to safety of other track users.

Normal track etiquette rules apply, ride tempo on the blue, leave the sprinters lane open for fast efforts and pass slow riders on the blue by going over them. It’s always a good idea to let other users know what you are doing and if necessary ask them to stay on the blue while doing high speed efforts (e.g. flying 200’s). Safety is the number one priority. N.B. Generally if there is a scheduled workout or coached session taking place you must either join that group or with the permission of the coach or instructor ride in a paceline.

Unsupervised Open Track

There are a number of sessions that are unsupervised, which means that there is no attendant/staff member present. If you’d like to attend, please make sure to abide by these rules:

  1. Be certified to ride the track, hold a membership and hold a track pass – no drop ins available during this session
  2. There must be a minimum of two riders at any given time, and they are responsible for putting the track in, and if there is no following schedule, removing it when they are done
  3. Get in touch with us, letting us know you wish to attend and that you have a buddy, or if you are looking for a buddy
  4. Sign in at the self-serve kiosk in front of the office
  5. Protect the area but placing down the protective mats

Elite Training

This is reserved for elite athletes. Motor pacing and gate practise are available upon request. Please email ahead of time if you require this. This is also a time for riders who already know how to ride Madison to get some additional coached practise. This is not a clinic; riders must have previous experience. If you are unsure if this session is for you, please get in touch with us before attending.

BVC Scheduling Policy

The Burnaby Velodrome Club provides a diverse user base with programs, and access to the track. Because of this diversity of skill, fitness, experience and speed we expect all track users to exercise good judgement when using the track. The track is only available to the club for a relatively small number of hours each week. Our scheduling policy is built around all of these limitations and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

We provide a mixture of programs throughout the day as well as open track time. Some of our programs are exclusive – where only a single user group can make use of the track during that time, and some of our programs are priority – where one group has a higher priority but other riders can use the track by coordinating with the instructor running the program. Please make an effort to read the monthly schedules, and speak with coaches, staff and other riders to understand the programs and how you can best make use of your time at the track along with your fellow athletes.