Neil Salway

Velodrome Manager

Education: He has probably already forgotten more than most of us will ever know.

Years riding: Came to a Burnaby Six-day and never looked back.

Accomplishments: coming soon

BVC comments:  Neil is a great addition to the BVC Team and a great ambassador for our sport. He is responsible for coordinating the team and the scheduling of staff. He also conducts the repairs to the track.

Jay Delaney

Program Coordinator

Education: Photography

Years riding: 10

Accomplishments: Multiple years of provincial jerseys on the track. Long time student of racing.

BVC comments: I love this track and its community. I love what it offers and helping to see this community grow beyond our boards.

Julian Base

Coach - Learn to Ride, Learn to Race

Coaching Level: NCCP Community

Education: coming soon

Years riding: 10 plus

Accomplishments: coming soon

BVC comments:  Julian has a great ability to get riders to focus on the key things that will make them successful during the Learn to Ride and Learn to Race sessions. But don’t think it is all serious business, expect to walk away with one or two tall tales from the life of a cyclist. During the day Julian is a representative for several bike brands and accessories that you will find in your local bike shop.

Timon Glaesser

Track Attendant, Coach in Training

Education: SFU Business Administration and Computing Science

Years Riding Track: Since December 2016

Accomplishments: Competed in several international track races. Hold the BVC record for longest plank. Over two and a half years of coaching experience.

BVC comments:  After learning to use the track he quickly took up the opportunity to work at the track as a coach and track attendant.

Daniel Fraser-Maraun

Track Attendant, Coach
Coaching Level: NCCP Community in progress.
Years Riding: Since 2018, but also his entire life.
Accomplishments: Member of the Canadian national team for endurance track cycling. Represented Canada at 3 nations cups in team pursuit, twice in Milton and once in Cairo. 2022 national champion in team pursuit. Rides on the road for Red Truck Racing. Holds the track record in IP at Jerry Baker Velodrome. Personal best of 413.6 in the IP.
BVC comments: Currently the only active BVC employee with the ability to operate the moto.

Laura Brown

Coach - Performance

Coaching Level: NCCP Performance Certified

Education: coming soon

Years riding:

Accomplishments: See this page””

BVC comments: Drkhorsecycling

Steph Roorda

Coach - Performance

Micheal Wegner

Novice Race Whip - ride along coach

Expect to see Micheal supporting the novice racers getting up to speed on the track. Ask him all sorts of questions even if they are not related to track racing!

Ben Chaddock


During the day Ben is the Head of Coach Development, and iRide Manager at Cycling BC, but sometimes, if you are lucky you will have him as your learn to ride coach at the BVC!

Tom Baker

Youth Coach

board members

Michael Wegner


Michael is an ex pro cyclist and huge advocate for junior cycling in BC. He supports local cycling and development in his everyday life. He love cycling and loves the track.

George Mcglaughlin


Former Board Member and President of the Club decided to get involved again on the Board this year. George is the best, if you see him, come talk to him about the history of this track.

Tom Baker

As a continuous member since 2008, I am deeply invested in the future of our track. Being a parent of another two members, I commit most of my energies towards youth programming. I serve as BVC Junior Development Program Director in addition to my duties as Secretary. I can be reached at [email protected] for all matters relating to junior track cycling at BVC.
Personally, I still dream of cycling glory and am counting down the months until I reach Masters C.

Marc Sasso

Member at large

Spencer Mulder

member at large

Spencer loves the track, rocks, Star Wars and his cats. He’s been racing at the Burnaby Velodrome for 16 years and dreams of competing at nationals as a Master in 2028. He is a big advocate for “riding is for everyone” and hopes to bring more featured race events and more beginner/intermediate rides to the BVC.

Steve Mousseau

Member at large

Steve is a lifelong cyclist who didn’t try track cycling until 2019. This was his introduction to local racing which has since grown into a passion for grassroots cycling that provides opportunities for cyclists of all ages and skills. When not on a bike, Steve works as a Professional Engineer and Project Manager for major capital projects.