Out of town rider policy

We really want to encourage out of town riders to come and train at BVC. We want to have an open door policy to experienced track riders.

For both for racing and just for riding out of province or country we do though require:

-Medical insurance, UCI/USAC license, provincial (these are dependant upon the event) Bare Bones = no UCI, Western Challenge and Provincials = UCI

-Learn to ride – no license required

-If you want to ride and not go through the learn to ride program you have to have your home track send a verification of category and capacity. (see attached letter as an example)

-If you do not have that then you are treated as a learn to ride and the coach will assess your capacity – this means you can only sign up for a learn to ride.If you have a letter then the coach will assess your capacity and skill level and give you the information you need to be safe on our track.

As stated in other policies, our track isn’t more dangerous than the next, its just different.  We just want to make sure you (as well as the others you will be sharing the track with) are safe.