Friday Night Racing

Fall Racing: October - December, Winter Racing: January - March

About Friday Night Racing

Okay, folks, it’s time to race!

All fall from October till December and all winter from January till March Friday Night racing will be rolling and the boards will be rumbling!

FNR has a reputation for being the best-kept secret in the lower mainland. If you want to be a racer and you are not doing at FNR, then I think we call that #questionablebehaviour!

This year FNR will be individual races and not combined for an overall. This is just in place to reduce the chances of a rider feeling the need to attend when they might not be feeling well. We hope to bring the series points back post-COVID.

Burnaby, British Columbia – August 21:
Rider at 2021 BC Provincial Track Championships on Saturday, August 21, 2021.
(Photo by Filip Funk Photography)


  • Novice – all new racers will be novices unless otherwise approved by BVC team.
    • Rides move up to the C category, based on the evaluation of the coach, not results. Race within your limits, be predictable, and friendly and it won’t take long to move up.
    • A BVC Coach will be directing the race. Be ready to receive racer instructions in the staging area prior to your race.
  • C level – could include: master women, master men, junior, and some youth elite 4-5  (gear restrictions for those under 45 years of age = 86 inches, over 45 = 92 inches)
  • B level – could include: Juniors, Elite 3 and 4, Masters, + women (no gear restrictions)
  • A level – could include: elite 1 and 2, Elite 1 track Women, + fast masters men, + fast juniors  (no gear restrictions)

FNR race programing

  • 6:30 PM Open track for 15 minutes
  • 6:45 – sharp –
  • Race #1 C, B, A, then Novice,
  • race #2 C, B then A
  • race #3 C, B, A, then Novice

Before the end of the race that is on the track, riders should be ready in staging.

Types of races to expect – any three of the following

  • Scratch Race
  • Tempo Race
  • Elimination Race
  • Points Race
  • Snowball race
  • Belgium miss and out
  • Win and out
  • and we reserve the right to make up any type of race we can think of – just because you are in at the Burnaby Velodrome after all 🙂

What do I need in order to participate?

  • Membership – sign up before you arrive.
  • Race pass or race drop-in fee paid – do this before you arrive.
  • Adults will need to show proof of vaccination  (22 years and above)
  • CyclingBC or provincial membership – do this before you arrive.
  • If you have your race numbers from a previous year – please bring it as we try to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • Masks are required when not racing.
  • If you are an old-timer and you see someone new don’t forget to introduce yourself and share the love.

Racing Schedule