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Friday Night Racing

From October to March, with a short break from mid-December to mid-January, the Burnaby Velodrome Club plays host to a series of Friday Night Races. Racers in four different categories complete two to three races each night, with a mixture of race formats on tap. From new graduates of our Intro to Racing program to seasoned veterans, the Friday races are exciting for participants and spectators alike.

Aside from our FFNRS our races are run for all ages and abilities. If you have not raced at the Burnaby Velodrome before you are required to complete the Intro to Racing program. If you have racing experience at other velodromes you may be allowed to race at the discretion of the coaches and officials. Contact Us if you have questions on this subject or are considering traveling to the velodrome to race.

Racing begins at 6:30 pm with Novice and Sprint racers, 7:00 pm is the start for C, B and A categories. Racing usually wraps up around 8:30 pm. Admission for spectators is, as always, FREE (except FFNRS).

Planning on racing? Please print out and complete our Rider Profile form so our commentators know a little bit about you.

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Important Information

The Novice, D, C and B category races are all run with mandatory gear
restrictions. The restrictions are as follows.

  • Novice, D category 84.6 Gear Inches (47 tooth chain ring x 15 tooth cog)
  • C category 86 Gear Inches (48×15)
  • B category: 92 Gear Inches (48×14 or 51×15)
  • A category: unrestricted

The gear restrictions are in place to provide graduated speed restrictions for
the racing categories. Giving the opportunity to racers to focus on skill
instead of purely on speed. As racers gain experience they can move up in the
categories and increase their gearing to match.

Coaching staff and race officials marshall and monitor the races. Any rider
receiving more than one warning in an evening will be suspended for the
remainder of evening and the next week’s session as well. Repeated warnings and
suspensions will be dealt with by the BVC Program Director.

These restrictions and regulations are in place for the safety of all riders.
It is important to keep in mind that, despite the intensity of effort, these
races are meant to be a training ground for all racers. They are meant to
foster better skills for all levels of riders and should not be taken too

BVC Friday Night Racing Upgrade Criteria

We have transitioned away from our previous upgrade system based on points and have moved to one based on ability and fitness; at the heart of this new system are the principles of rider development and group safety. The new system will require riders to submit a request for an upgrade to the chair of an upgrade committee. The committee consists of five (5) people, and there must be a unanimous decision within the committee to allow for the upgrade. All submissions should be sent to

Novice to C

Consistently shoulder checks
Able to ride a smooth line, doesn’t ride erratically.
Does not pass underneath riders
Able to start on the rail, leave without lagging behind the group
When sprinting from the front, does not come out of the sprint lane
Demonstrates a general understanding of the tactics/rules of each race type


C to B

Basic understanding of gear changes
Attended a tactics course (pending)
Demonstrates knowledge of race tactics and ability to use different strategies for different race situations.
Demonstrates the ability to win a race
Demonstrates the ability to properly tension chain after changing gears


B to A

Demonstrates the ability to select the appropriate gear for each race
Attended a Madison Clinic
Demonstrates ability to select a strategy that makes best use of the riders’ skills/strengths give the race type and competition
Demonstrates the ability to win a race


Downgrade Criteria

The following criteria may be used to downgrade riders found to be racing in a category that does not suit their bike handling skills/fitness.

A rider is lapped by the field two or more times for two or more consecutive weeks
A rider is issued one or more warnings for at least two consecutive weeks
A rider’s bike handling skills are not on par with their current category


Friday Night Results Archive