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The Burnaby Velodrome club hosts regular weeknight club races, several weekend races each year and, on occasion, multi-day international calibre races. Racing has been an integral part of the club since the very beginning with races categorized by experience and ability.

Friday nights are the scene of intense club level racing in the fall and winter. Usually twenty of these events are held each year, ten from October through early December and ten from January to early March. Up to four different categories race each night, with two or three different races for each category. The Friday night race series is a great way to gain experience in track racing, exciting for participants and spectators alike.

The club also hosts two day weekend races each year. Usually one in the fall and one in the spring. Keep an eye on our website for announcements about upcoming weekend races.

If you are new to track racing you must complete the¬†Learn to Race¬†program before taking part in any races. Even if you’ve raced on larger outdoor tracks taking the course is a good idea as the track is more technical, with steeper banking than the larger tracks.