Track Rules and Etiquette

We feel that the Burnaby Velodrome is, without a doubt, the most exciting cycle track in North America (although we may be biased in this opinion). Its relatively short length (200m) and steep banking (47 degrees) make riding and racing far more thrilling than at the big outdoor velodromes. However, the unique characteristics of our track also require that riders use it with more awareness and respect than is needed at the big ovals. Safety and common sense must always prevail.

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the velodrome a safe, exciting and fun place to train and race we have prepared a comprehensive set of rules and guidelines for our track users. Please download and read them:

Velodrome Rules

If you see a situation that concerns you, please bring it to the attention of a Club official. We all want to make the most of this facility, and it is up to each individual to conduct him/herself in an intelligent, responsible manner. Please become familiar with these basic rules to ensure both your safety, and that of other riders.