Bare Bones

Bare Bones Memorial

November 5-7, 2021

The strength of the Burnaby Velodrome Club is drawn from its members. Over the years our Club has been extremely lucky to see persons of extreme talent, determination, humour, humility, kindness, enthusiasm and eagerness to share their experiences and joy in cycling with the Club’s community.

It’s with sadness that we acknowledge that over the course of our membership’s history we’ve had some members taken from us too early. A common thread of the Members we’ve lost has been their shared passion and enthusiasm for riding and racing at the Burnaby Velodrome Club. With that in mind the November edition of Bare Bones Racing will be the Bare Bones Memorial.

With the Bare Bones Memorial we intend to acknowledge the club’s history, members passed and honour their memory in a way that they’d be proud to participate in: grassroots community racing. The Bare Bones Memorial fosters an environment where all competitors have the chance to participate and learn from our peers, continuing the tradition of a vibrant and rich community centered around the joy and honour of riding bicycles together on the velodrome.

In addition, this year our losses, we would like to recognize that “every child matters” and the significant finding that were made more public this year about those whose land we have settled on.

Please wear orange if you have it on Saturday to show your connection to this issue.


Friday – November 5, 2021

Racing Starts 6:30PM

  • Scratch/Split Points Race
  • Belgian Win and Out
  • Team Sprint
  • Snowball
Saturday – November 6, 2021

Racing Starts 9:00AM

  • Flying 200’s
  • Sprint
  • Omnium (Scratch, Tempo, Elimination, Points)
  • Chariot
  • Marymoor Crawl / Longest Lap
Sunday – November 7, 2021

Racing starts at 9:15AM

  • Individual Pursuit
  • Keirin
  • Team Pursuit


  • Novice
  • Women
  • Masters (55+)
  • C Open
  • B Open
  • A Open

Entry Fees

  • Friday: $30 (Novice: $15) *
  • Saturday: $50 (Novice: $40)
  • Sunday: $20
No Day of Registration
Youth Learn to Ride / Youth Open Track
  • Saturday: $25

BVC Membership Required

* Free for BVC Members with Annual club Racing Pass

Technical Guide

Download Technical Guide


What should I register for?

  • It’s Bare Bones, so technically you should check all the boxes :). Then you can learn more about what you like and what you might be better at. In any case, just register and you can ask questions on site. We will help you get sorted. Remember this is about having a great time, it is not the Olympics.

Okay, tell me one more time, what is Bare Bones?

  • Honestly, you have to experience it to understand it. Basically, take everything you know about racing your track bike or racing under your typical sanctioned races and strip away all the “formality”.  Yes, we still expect you to follow the rules of track racing, but we aren’t paying anyone to officially, official. So with that comes an opportunity for you to learn how to race your bike, and for us to learn how to put on races. You might make some mistakes, and so will we. In the end, we should all be smiling.

Can I do just the Saturday races?

  • Yes, do whatever you can, or want to do. This event is for you, yes that is right, we do not put on Bare Bones for us, we put it on for you. So sign up and do what you can.

I didn’t get vaccinated but I will get my full vaccination on Tuesday before racing starts on Friday, is that okay?

  • Yes, provided you are able to show our security gorillas that you have been fully vaccinated using an accepted means you are permitted to enter and race.

Do you know what gear I should ride for my team sprint?

  • No, but I am sure if you put on the biggest gear you have you will enjoy it much more.

If there are only a few 55+ riders will we still ride by ourselves?

  • That depends on everyone as a group. We can shorten races to make it better, but ultimately we want it to be a good time. We will adapt as much as possible. But gather your mates and get them signed up so this is not an issue.

What is meant by “open sprint” “open keirin”?

  • Well instead of having categories for the sprints we will base everything on the flying 200 meter qualifying times. So it doesn’t matter which category you race in you will be placed in a group of 8 riders riding in the 1/4 finals. In this way, everyone is given the most competitive sprint competition and keirin competition.

Do I have to wear a mask while racing?

  • No

Can my family come and cheer me on?

  • Limited on Friday as we are sharing the facility with Volleyball. However, on Saturday and Sunday folks are welcome to come to watch provided they have their proof of full vaccination.

I heard that this event will be streamed live – where can I watch it?

  • Well, it might be, but it might not be. After all, this is Bare Bones. If there is a live stream it will be posted on our FB page during the event. If you have been to the Burnaby Velodrome you know that nothing beats the vibe when inside the bubble.

Can I get some BVC cool SWAG when I am there?

  • Um, yes, we have some hoodies in a few sizes and we have touques, and some t-shirts. But not all sizes are available.

If I have questions about the weekend that have not been answered what do I do?

  • Send an email to [email protected] and hopefully, we will not be fighting aliens and miss your important email.
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