Policies & Bylaws

Burnaby Velodrome Club Bylaws

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Disciplinary Policy

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Dog Policy

In the past there has not been an official policy on dogs. However, in light of two recent events, the Board of Directors have decided to put together a simple policy and set of guidelines.

The two events in question were:
-A dog pooping just outside of the office
-A dog on the track during warm up during March’s edition of Bare Bones while people were on the track

The guidelines are pretty simple:
-Dogs must be leashed. Said leash must be attached to something solid.
-Dogs should only relieve themselves outside. Not inside. Owners should cleanup after their dog’s bowel movement.
-Dogs shouldn’t be overly barking.
-Dogs shouldn’t bite people.

Service and guide dogs are always welcome.

The Board doesn’t really want to ban dogs from the track, so please adhere to these simple, and reasonable guidelines.

Cats are currently informally banned from the track, due to this incident. This is also why there’s a sign above the start/finish line stating that no cats are allowed.