Coached Workouts

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to race in order to enjoy the velodrome. We offer year-round coached workouts for people of all abilities. Not really sure what that looks like? Imagine a spin class, but instead of riding in place you actually move. Now imagine that, while you’re moving, you also get to improve your core strength and bike handling. If you can do that you’ll begin to get an accurate picture of what we do at the track.

We have sessions designed for people of all abilities, you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the velodrome. The only requirement is that you’ll need to have taken our Learn to Ride courses prior to attending. Here’s what you can expect…

Mixed-Ability Workouts

These sessions are for all riders, whether they’ve just finished their Learn to Ride or have been riding the track for several years. Less intense than the intermediate & motor-pacing workouts, they’re are a great way to ease into the season.

Intermediate Workouts

By the time riders join our Intermediate Coached Workouts they tend to be looking for more of a challenge. Since we have established the lowest common denominator in terms of skill we are able to start diversifying the workouts.

Though the pace may vary from 33-45kph we tend to emphasize working within your zones, whether that be heart rate or power based. As a result it is useful to have established those zones or have familiarity with them prior to attending. Workouts range from sprint based training to endurance-type intervals. At these sessions we also begin to bring the motor out for motor-paced training.

It may sound intimidating but these sessions should appeal to anyone looking to gain more fitness not just a competitive edge in racing (although it’ll help with that too).

Advanced Workouts

Riders joining our Advanced Coached Workouts are typically comfortable in any situation that may arise. They are able to hold a 48km per hour average for at least 12 minutes and tend to be at a more advanced stage of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. The sessions themselves focus less on skills acquisition and more on developing and fine tuning power, speed, and endurance.

What are you waiting for…ditch the trainer and get started at the track today!

Fall/Winter Workout Schedule

Each week our coaches devise a plan that curates a larger plot to make you faster and better then you were the previous week. Stay tuned in to our weekly schedule as we will be adding workout details there. Come ready to have fun, learn lots and work your tail off.