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Friday Night Winter Series Director’s report

March 4, 2016 | By | No Comments

Well that’s a wrap!

Our winter series has come to a close. We have tallied up the points and are ready to announce the winners of the Friday night winter series. Please note we have gone through the points and tallied duplicates so if you see a name written that is different than the results posted this is why. We are making the corrections now.

Photo credit- Steve McConnell

Our novice series saw plenty of riders of all ages competing to earn their upgrade to the C division. The top placed novice rider was Andrew Lepper who scored 108 points. He earned his upgrade before the series ended. In second place youngster Domenik Adamoski of Gastown Cycling placed second overall while also earning his upgrade during the series and racking up 84 points. Finishing in third place was the young young Lachlan Hotchkiss of Doctor Walker cycling team with 78 points. Narrowly edging out late comer Ethan Ogrodniczuk from Fortius pb Cannondale who finished 4th place with 75 points. Honourable mention goes out to Bronwen Campbell of Fortius pb Cannondale who was the top placed woman in the field with 60 points. This field has been a pleasure to watch during the fall and winter series. Many of the graduates have gone on to great success in the C group.

The C group was one of the largest groups on the track. Many of our recent upgraded riders went on with great success during the winter series. Our top contender in the C category was none other than Gastown cycling’s Dylan Wiwad who put in many dominating performances to take the overall with 121 points. In second place another recent graduate was Michael Munro who racked up 99 points during the course of the series. In third place the man we call Robert “Bobby Rockets”  Freeman came very close to third place with 91 points!

The women’s C field this season saw some familiar faces as well as riders coming from Portland, Victoria, and even Calgary. Jennifer Killam (Gastown Cycling) has gone 2 in a row by winning the winter series with 122 points! In second place a hard charging Tegan Cochrane (Tinhorn Creek) racked up wins in nearly every race she entered. Rounding out our podium is Fiona Vernon who scored big early on in the season giving her 3rd place in the series.

Photo credit- Steve McConnell

The B group was a massive field this series and even was combined with the A riders for the added challenge. A few of our B riders earned upgrades during the season to the A group. Congratulations to Bradley Dean, John white, Wes Ochitwa, and Jay Delaney on upgrading to the A group.The one taking top honours in the B group is none other than Derek “D-rock” Ulrich of Gastown Cycling. Derek Powered to the win with 76 points. Second place in the B group was Kane Tchir who earned 63 points. Rounding out the podium the youngster Maggie Coles-Lyster who earned 52 points even with a break for cyclocross world championships!

The B women’s overall came down to two riders who were separated by just 9 points! Maggie Coles-Lyster(Tag Cycling) went on to win the overall series narrowly over Rachel Canning (Continental Crit-Nasty). Rounding out the podium american rider Erin Goodall earned third place.

Photo credit- Steve McConnell

The A group set blistering paces and we had many riders all scoring very closely in the top 4. We are seeing another young rider from Tag cycling win the overall of this series. Cam Fitzmaurice took the win with 124 points in the series. Look to see great things from this young man as he builds towards national championships in April. In second and third place we have a tie! Is it wrong for an employee to beat their boss? Well that will be for Michael to decide as Dylan Davies from Trek Red truck racing took second place over Michael Wegner of Power 2max who races for Langois Brown. Both riders earned 107 points overall. The tie break is the number of wins during the season. Just a single point behind Michael Wegner and Dylan Davies was our mechanic at the BVC and Alete-Fort Cyclery racer Adam “The Aldergrove assassin” Reddy with 106 points! The top woman in the A field was Ivy Audrain of Hagens Berman Supermint Pro cycling team.

We want to say thank you to all the riders who made the series so successful. Thank you to our riders from Victoria, Portland, Seattle, and even Minnesota! Thank you to all of our sponsors who make all of this possible.

Because the series was so popular this season we are going to run monthly races  through the spring. Please check out website for more info here- changes made to the results are

Galen Kehler and John Willcox tied on 6th place in the A’s with 46 points

Jay Delaney earned 36 points which would put him in 7th place in the A group

Erik Inkster moved into 4th place with 72 points in the C group

Dennis Smith moved into 28th place with 7 points in the C group

Derek Ulrich racked up 76 points finishing 1st in the B group

Wes Ochitwa earned 46 points finishing 4th in the B group

Scott Vigliotti earned 25 points finishing 13th in the B group

Lachlan Hotchkiss earned 78 points for 3rd place in the novice category

Ethan Ogrodnizuk earned 75 points and finished 4th place in the novice category

Megan Barnes earned 6 points in the Novice field finishing 21st


Winter Friday Night Racing Schedule

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all have had a great holiday season. Our Friday night winter series is approaching quickly so here is the schedule. Note some changes may be made by our staff day of for safety concerns, size of fields, etc.

Congratulations to all our fall series winners who are taking home Jakroo series winners jerseys. Over the next 8 weeks we will crown a winter champion. Will it be you?

C Womens series winner – Jennifer Killam

C series winner – Tyler Davies

B Womens series winner- Maggie Coles-Lyster

B series winner- Jay Delaney

A Womens series winner- Steph Roorda

A series winner- Cam Fitzmaurice

New race info

-First to fifteen win and out- a points race where the first rider to win 15 points is the winner and must leave the track. The 2nd person is 2nd, 3rd is 3rd. If two riders are tied the finish position of the final sprint will decide the winner.

The Win and In race is a 15 lap race. There are 5 springs held every 3 laps. The winner of each sprint will qualify for the final. Once the five sprints are completed we have our final riders. The rest of the field that has not qualified will leave the track safely. Qualifiers will get 3 laps to go once the non qualifiers are off the track. Riders who win more than one sprint limit the number of riders in the final. Ie if one rider wins 2 sprints but 3 others win the other sprints we will have 4 riders in the final.

-The split scratch will be a combination of a points race and a scratch race. There will be a mid-race sprint that will score points 4 places deep, 5,3,2,1. There will then be a final sprint which will score points 6 places deep, 9,7,5,3,2,1. Highest total points scored wins the race. Scratch race rules apply for laps gained/lost, tie-break is the results of the final sprint.

Notes for racers

-You must hold a current 2016 Cycling BC citizens race license or UCI license if you are from outside of the province of British Columbia. A general citizens license will not be accepted

-All riders must have signed the 2016 waiver on site

-To the win sprint overall you must compete in 4 of the 8 races nights

Race Schedule

January 8th night one of Friday night racing

-Novice- 15 lap scratch no attack

-Sprint + 5 min open track

-Novice- 3×5 Points race no attack

-C- 30 lap scratch

-B- 40 lap scratch

-A- 45 lap scratch

Sprint- rd2

Novice- Elimination to 5 lap scratch

-C- 25 lap tempo

-B- 40 lap tempo

-A  45 lap tempo

-C-unknown distance

-B-unknown distance

-A-unknown distance

5 minute rest/set up for 1st and last elimination

-1st and last elimination A +B+C


January 13th sprint tournament * Not part of the Friday night series

Flying 200 for qualifying

Rounds against closest times


January 15th Night two

-Novice- 20 lap Scratch race

-Sprint + 5 min open track- Chariot races first heat

-Novice- Chariot first heats

-C 30 lap Snowball

-B 40 lap Snowball

-A 45 lap Snowball

Sprint- Chariot races final

Novice- Chariot final

-C 3×10 points race

-B 4×10 points race

-A 4×10 points race

-C- 25 laps to Belgian win and out

-B- 30 laps to Belgian win and out

-A 10 laps to Belgian win and out

10 minutes set up/rest for A riders

A+B Madison exhibition only 3×20


January 22nd Night three

-Novice No attack split scratch/points race 2×10

-Sprint + 5 min open track rd1

-Novice- Elimination

-C 30 lap point a lap

-B 40 lap point a lap

-A 40 lap point a lap

Sprint- rd 2

Novice- Unknown distance

-C Antioquena

-B Antioquena

-A Antioquena

-Sprint final *if needed*

-C First to fifteen win and out/points race

-B First to fifteen win and out/points race

-A First to fifteen win and out/points race


January 29th Night four

-Novice- 20 lap no attack scratch race

-Sprint Chariot heat 1

-Novice- Elimination to 5 lap scratch- races goes down to 5 riders

-C 35 lap scratch race

-B 45 lap scratch race

-A 45 lap scratch race

Sprint- Chariot final or heat 2 if needed

Novice- 4×5 No attack points race

-C Unknown points race

-B Unknown Points race

-A Unknown Points race

-C  elimination

-B  elimination

-A  elimination

10 minutes rest/set up for madison

-A+B Madison- Exhibition only


February 5th Night five

-Novice 5 lap scratch to elimination

-Sprint rd1 + 5 min open track

-Novice Win and out

-C 2×20 Points race

-B 3×20 Points race

-A 4×20 Points race

Sprint rd2

Novice- 5×5 Points race

-C 25 laps to win and out

-B 40 laps to win and out

-A 40 laps to win and out

-C 30 lap snowball

-B 40 lap snowball

-A 40 lap snowball


February 10th Wednesday night time trials *categories will be run in the order below *Must race your category distance ie elite men ride a 1km time trial, Elite women ride a 500m time trial *Note does not count towards Friday night racing

Flying 200m

Standing 500m

Standing 1km

Standing 2km

Standing 3km

Standing 4km

Team sprint

Team Pursuit


February 12th Night six

-Novice – Unknown distance

-Sprint -chariot heat 1+ 5 min open track

-Novice 4×5 no attack points race

-C 15 lap scratch to elimination

-B 20 lap scratch to elimination

-A 20 lap scratch to elimination

Sprint- chariot heat 2/final

Novice- Elimination

-C win and in

-B win and in

-A- win and in

Sprint- chariot final *if needed*

-C- Unknown Distance

-B Unknown Distance

-A Unknown Distance

-10 minutes rest/ set up for madison

A+B Madison- Exhibition only


February 19th Night seven Part of Bare bones rd 2 *will be released with Bare bones #2 schedule


-Sprint + 5 min open track














February 26th- Night eight Friday final

-Novice -No attack split points/scratch 2×10

-Sprint + 5 min open track- Keirin

-Novice- Unknown distance

-C 40 lap scratch

-B 50 lap scratch

-A 65 lap scratch


Novice- 5 laps to Elimination

-C First to fifteen win and out/points race

-B First to fifteen win and out/points race

-A First to fifteen win and out/points race

-C Antioquena-  Point a lap and elimination down to 5 riders. 5 riders do a scratch and the final sprint is 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

-B Antioquena-  Point a lap and elimination down to 5 riders. 5 riders do a scratch and the final sprint is 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

-A Antioquena-  Point a lap and elimination down to 5 riders. 5 riders do a scratch and the final sprint is 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

Exhibition First and last elimination

FFNRS #3 Results

February 18, 2015 | By | No Comments

The final Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Series event delivered plenty of thrilling racing last week! Here are the results and final standings as of the conclusion of this year’s series.

U15 Standings

1) Tyler Davies – 40pts

2) Eric Inkster – 38pts

3) Eden Jaeger – 36pts

4) Wyatt Schreire – 34pts

Women’s Overall Standings

1) Ivy Audrain – 76pts

2) Jennifer Gerth – 66pts

3) Maggie Coles-Lyster – 58pts

4) Joannie Caron – 47pts

5) Sarah Coney – 37pts

Men’s B Overall Standings

1) Mike Buckosky – 63pts

2) Chris Jameson – 58pts

3) Simon Le Pine – 49pts

4) John Warnock – 43pts

4) Roni Jones – 43pts

Men’s A Overall Standings

1) Zak Kovalcik – 76pts

2) Dylan Davies -70pts

3) Amiel Flett-Brown – 49pts

4) Julian Base – 40pts

5) Dave diPetrillo – 34pts


On Deck: 1/30

January 26, 2015 | By | No Comments

Quite possibly the two best races to spectate all in one night…and it’s not even a #FFNRS event:

Category Laps Race
Novice 2 Chariot Heats
Novice 2 Chariot Final
Novice 23 15 Laps to Belgian Win & Out
A/B* 36 30 laps to Dutch Win & Out
C 8 Keirin Heats
5m Open Track
A/B* Elimination
C 8 Keirin Final
5m Open Track
A/B* 50 Scratch
C 50 Scratch
5m Open Track
A/B** 60 3×20 Madison
*A’s 81″ gear
**A/B teams

On Deck: 1/23

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Time to test the speed in those legs…Here’s what’s on deck for Friday’s racing:

Category Laps Race
Novice 20 Scratch
Novice 27 3×9 Points
C 25 Snowball
B* 8 Keirin Heats
A 8 Keirin Heats
C 31 25 laps to Dutch Win & Out
B* 8 Keirin Final
A 8 Keirin Final
C 42 6×7 Points
B/A** 80 8×10 Points
**A’s -20 points, 81″ gear
**B’s 88″ gear

On Deck: 1/16

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Friday Night Racing continues this Friday at 6:30. Here’s what’s on deck:

Category Laps Race
Novice Elimination
Novice 21 3×7 Points
C 23 15 laps to Belgian Win & Out
A/B* 30 Snowball
5m Open Track
C Scratch
A/B* Elimination
5m Open Track
C 50 5×10 Progressive Points
A/B* 60 6×10 Points
*A’s 81″ gear
A’s -15 points in Points Race

Get Inspired!

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In case you haven’t heard, the Burnaby 4 Day is coming up soon. So if you haven’t already taken our Learn to Race clinic, and you’ve graduated the Learn to Ride courses, be sure to join us Friday for our last Learn to Race of the year. Then join us December 27th-30th to watch the pros make it look easy! Space is limited so sign up soon.

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On Deck 12/05

December 6, 2014 | By | No Comments

Cat Laps Event
Novice 25 Scratch
Novice 21 7×3 Points Race
C 28 20 laps to Belgian Win & Out
B 40 Scratch
A 50 Scratch
C Elimination
B 30 Antioquena
A Elimination
C 40 4×10 Points
B 48 6×8 Points Race
A 70 7×10 Points Race

On Deck 11/21

November 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Well, Junior Nationals may be in town but that isn’t going to stop us from having a bit of fun when they’re not on the track. Friday Night Racing is on this week but the format will be slightly different and the racing will start at 8:30.

Riders, please do not set up in the usual location (court 6, in turns 1 & 2). Out of respect for our visiting competitors we will instead set up in the middle of the infield. Here’s what’s on deck:


Cat Laps Event
Novice 7 minutes Australian Pursuit
C 25 laps to Elimination
B 50 Scratch w/Primes
A 60 Scratch w/Primes
Novice 30 3×10 Points
C 40 4×10 Progressive Points
B 60 6×10 Points
A 80 40 laps to 2×20 Chase

On Deck 11/14

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Racing is just around the corner and this week, it’s all about speed! Here’s what’s in store for Friday…

Cat Laps Event
Novice 2 Chariot Heats
Novice 2 Chariot Finals
Novice 20 4×5 Points Race
C Scratch
B 8 Keirin Heats
A 35 laps to Dutch Win & Out
C 15 laps to Belgian Win & Out
B 8 Keirin Finals, 1-6 & 7-12
A Elimination
C 40 5×8 Points Race
B 60 6×10 Points Race
A 70 7×10 Progressive Points