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November 2014 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

On Deck 11/28

November 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

Jr Nationals is over and the only thing left on the calendar for this year is the 4 Day. Better buckle up, it’s go time…

Cat Laps Event
Novice 23 15 laps to Belgian Win & Out
Novice 30 3×10 Progressive Points
B 40 Scratch
C Antioquena
A 50 Scratch
B Elimination
C 30 Scratch
A Elimination
B 40 4×10 Points
C 40 4×10 Progressive Points
A 70 7×10 Points Race
B 60 3×20 Madison

Water on the Track

November 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

We have just been notified that a considerable amount of condensation has built up on the track surface creating unsafe riding conditions. We are taking corrective action to rectify the problem but until conditions are safe the track will remain closed. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please check in to our Facebook page for updates on the situation.

Madison Clinic

November 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Attention B Riders…and anyone else interested in learning a new skill at the track.

We will be hosting a Madison clinic on Saturday November 22nd for all interested riders. Once again we will be bringing in Zak Kovalcik to lead the clinic which starts at roughly 8:00pm. While the clinic is intended for our ‘B’ riders interested in competing at this year’s Burnaby 4 Day, it is open to all riders in the C’s and up. Space is limited to 20 participants and registration is first come first serve. Sign up soon!

On Deck 11/21

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Well, Junior Nationals may be in town but that isn’t going to stop us from having a bit of fun when they’re not on the track. Friday Night Racing is on this week but the format will be slightly different and the racing will start at 8:30.

Riders, please do not set up in the usual location (court 6, in turns 1 & 2). Out of respect for our visiting competitors we will instead set up in the middle of the infield. Here’s what’s on deck:


Cat Laps Event
Novice 7 minutes Australian Pursuit
C 25 laps to Elimination
B 50 Scratch w/Primes
A 60 Scratch w/Primes
Novice 30 3×10 Points
C 40 4×10 Progressive Points
B 60 6×10 Points
A 80 40 laps to 2×20 Chase

Training this Week

November 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Just a reminder that the 2014 National Junior & U17 Track Championships will be in town this coming Friday to Sunday (November 21st-23rd). If you haven’t already, take a look at our Schedule before heading out the the track. With all of the different Provincial teams coming to town, our track time is a little irregular.

On Deck 11/14

November 13, 2014 | By | No Comments

Racing is just around the corner and this week, it’s all about speed! Here’s what’s in store for Friday…

Cat Laps Event
Novice 2 Chariot Heats
Novice 2 Chariot Finals
Novice 20 4×5 Points Race
C Scratch
B 8 Keirin Heats
A 35 laps to Dutch Win & Out
C 15 laps to Belgian Win & Out
B 8 Keirin Finals, 1-6 & 7-12
A Elimination
C 40 5×8 Points Race
B 60 6×10 Points Race
A 70 7×10 Progressive Points

Time Trials 11/6

November 6, 2014 | By | No Comments

What a turnout! Thanks to everyone that came out to our bi-monthly time trials. It’s always a great chance to put your fitness to the test. Whether you’ve taken our Learn to Race or are even interested in racing, set your baseline and keep your training in check.

Having said that, with Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Race Series coming up this Friday, there was more than just a PR on the line. The top two riders in each event pre-qualify for the Jeremy Storie Memorial Wheelrace. In the event that one of those riders qualified in a previous event, the invitation is extended to the next fastest rider.

Be sure to join us on Friday. Racing starts at 7:00pm! #FFNRS

Flying 200
Khyl Orser 12.32
Max Duso 12.36
Michael Wegner 12.63
Cam Fitzmaurice 12.72
Brad Dean 12.81
Brendan Armstrong 12.85
Rowan Morris 12.91
Emil Marcetta 13.12
Julian Base 13.22
Kevin Hay 13.47
Fergus Horrobin 13.57
Anselmo Rossiello 13.63
Jason Reddy 13.65
Liam Fox 13.72
Chris Wilberg 13.75
Roni Jones 13.78
John Forstrom 13.81
Derek Ulrich 13.93
Scott Vigliatti 14.00
Ryan Golbeck 14.09
Meghan Grant 14.17
Andrew Lepper 14.46
Nathan Killam 14.65
Bronson Patychuk 14.79
Bob Mclaren 14.88
Enzo Figliuzzi 14.90
Kaitlin Wood 15.00
Margaret Ovenell 15.06
Melanie Von Stetton 15.25
Gordon Reddy 15.63
Jennifer Kohm 15.81
Steve Lloyd 17.21
500m TT
Khyl Orser 36.46
Scott Vigliotti 40.22
Anselmo Rossellie 40.31
Ryan Cousineau 41.28
Meghan Grant 41.75
Kaitlin Wood 42.78
John Forstrom 42.84
Chris Wilberg 42.85
Bob McLaren 43.31
Jennifer Kohm 45.09
Melanie Von Stetton 46.03
Derek Ulrich ?
1km TT
Max Duso 01:11.96
Cam Fitzmaurice 01:12.56
Michael Wegner 01:13.78
Brendan Armstrong 01:14.46
Bradley Dean 01:14.62
Rowan Morris 01:16.03
Julian Base 01:16.37
Fergus Horrobin 01:18.34
Roni Jones 01:18.38
Kevin Hay 01:20.03
Jason Reddy 01:22.34
Sarah Coney 01:22.78
Scott Vigliotti 01:23.01
Ryan Golbeck 01:23.18
Andrew Lepper 01:23.37
Anselmo Rossiello 01:24.72
Nathan Killam 01:24.75
Ben Auxier 01:26.18
Bronson Patychuk 01:26.60
Liam Fox 01:27.75
Enzo Figliuzzi 01:29.02
Aaron Greenberg 01:31.25
Ed Pearson 01:31.52
Cam Fitzmaurice 02:34.10
Fergus Horrobin 02:36.07
John Forstrom 02:46.88
Chris Wilberg 02:47.15
Bob McLaren 03:00.44
Ed Pearson 03:05.65
Gord Reddy 03:12.02
Max Duso 03:47.56
Brendon Armstrong 03:53.51
Julian Base 03:57.12
Rowan Morris 03:57.22
Sarah Coney 04:18.56
Jason Reddy 04:29.31
Kaitlin Wood 04:34.70
Melanie Von Stetton 04:42.21
Jennifer Kohm 04:51.75
Brad Dean 05:28.78
Roni Jones 05:34.87
Nathan Killam 05:52.66
Ryan Golbeck 05:52.84
Ben Auxier 05:54.06
Bronson Patychuk 06:15.60
Aaron Greenberg 06:21.34
Ed Pearson 06:21.75
Liam Fox 06:27.12
Team Pursuit
Bradley Dean 05:16.71
Roni Jones
Derek Ulrich
Michael Wegner
Ryan Cousineau 05:50.34
Enzo Figluizzi
Tobin Henderson
Stuart Lynn

Time Trials on Wednesday

November 4, 2014 | By | No Comments

Don’t forget, Time Trials are this Wednesday for anyone that’s been through the Learn to Ride at the track. Its a great opportunity for riders to set benchmarks for fitness that they can reference as training progresses. Don’t miss your chance, the next time we’ll have Time Trials at the track will be in January.

Also, with the Jeremy Storie Memorial Wheelrace in this week’s Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Race Series event the Time Trials mean a little more. Typically the only categories able to race a FFNRS event are: A, B, Women, and occasionally youth riders. This time, if you post one of the two fastest times in either the flying 200, 500m TT, 1km TT, 3km pursuit, or 4km pursuit…you automatically get a starting position in the race. It’s your chance to make it into the show! Be there at 7 when the clock starts.

Barney and Oscar’s FFNRS #2 p/b Livestock and G-Shock

November 4, 2014 | By | No Comments


Feature Friday Night Racing resumes this Friday at 7:00pm! Our A, B, and Women’s categories will be duking it out to determine who gets to wear the Vie 13 Leader’s jersey, meanwhile our U17/U19 ridersĀ  will be throwing down as they gear up for the 2014 National Junior & U17 Track Championships being held right here in Burnaby later this month.

Spectators can come on out and enjoy Dageraad’s Belgian line-up in the craft beer garden or great food provided by WINGS. The fun’s not just for adults though, with a kiddie kilo early in the evening the whole family can get in on the action. Here’s what’s in store…

Event #

Category Laps Race


A 43 35 laps to Belgian Win & Out


U17/U19 Men Elimination


U17/U19 Women 10 Venue Blaster


Women 40 Scratch w/2 Primes


B 25 Point-a-Lap


Kiddie Kilo


Jeremy Storie Memorial Wheelrace


U17/U19 Women 2 East vs. West Exhibition Team Sprint


U17/U19 Men 40 Scratch


U17/U19 Women Elimination


A 70 7×10 Points Race


Women 50 5×10 Points


B 50 Scratch w/3 Primes


U17/U19 Men 3 East vs. West Exhibition Team Sprint


A 60 Scratch w/3 Primes


U17/U19 Women 40 4×10 Points


U17/U19 Men 50 5×10 Points


Women 15 laps to Elimination


B 50 5×10 Progressive Points


A Madison Elimination