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May 2016 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

Summer Racing Series Results

May 20, 2016 | By | No Comments

Thanks everyone for taking part in our summer series. We have seen some exciting racing across all categories during the last two nights of racing. Check out the results below. We hope to see everyone at our next Summer event on Friday June 17th! Racing starts at 7pm sharp with our Novice group up first.

For more information about our summer series check out our website here. For any questions please email us at

Photo credit Steve McConnell

Friday April 22nd Race results

Novice 20 Lap Scratch          Novice 4×5 Points race               Novice 10 laps to win and out

1st Julian Tang                       1st Julian Tang                           1st Julian Tang

2nd Dennis Smith                   2nd Kuni Ueno                            2nd Kuni Ueno

3rd Lachlan Hotchkiss             3rd Lachlan Hotchkiss                 3rd Dennis Smith

4th Kuni Ueno                        4th Dennis Smith

C 30 Lap Scratch                     C 3×10 Points race                 C 15 laps to win and out

1st Kelyn Akuna                       1st Domenik Adamoski         1st Kelyn Akuna

2nd Domenik Adamoski            2nd Andrew Lepper                2nd Chris Walls

3rd Chris Walls                         3rd Kelyn Akuna                   3rd Domenik Adamoski

4th Andrew Lepper                    4th Chris Walls                     4th Kyle Ulinder

5th Kyle Ulinder                        5th Kyle Ulinder                    5th Andrew Lepper

B+A 40 Lap Scratch                  B+A 4×10 Points race            B+A 15 laps to win and out

1st Adam Reddy                      1st Adam Reddy                    1st Adam Reddy

2nd Kenny Williams                  2nd Kenny Williams               2nd Kenny Williams

3rd Michael Wegner                3rd Michael Wegner                 3rd Michael WEgner

4th Jeff Kemp                        4th David Chipchax                  4th David Chipchax

5th Jeff Wallace                      5th Jeff Wallace                      5th Jeff Wallace

Photo credit Steve McConnell

Friday May 13th Race Results

Novice 20 lap Scratch                 Novice 4×5 Points race              Novice Unknown Distance

1st Doug Muir                               1st Julian Tang                            1st Julian Tang

2nd Julian Tang                             2nd Doug Muir                            2nd Doug Muir

3rd Lachlan Hotchkiss                   3rd Lachlan Hotchkiss                 3rd Lora Genaille

4th Lora Genaille                           4th Lora Genaille                         4th Lachlan Hotchkiss

5th Gordon Reddy                         5th Gordon Reddy                        5th Gordon Reddy

C Split Scratch race                    C Point-a-lap                                  C Unknown Distance

1st Domenik Adamoski               1st Dylan Wiwad                             1st Domenik Adamoski

2nd Dylan Wiwad                        2nd Domenik Adamoski                   2nd Dylan Wiwad

3rd Ryan Cousineau                   3rd Josh Harder                               3rd Ryan Cousineau

4th Jason Reddy                        4th Ryan Cousineau                        4th Spencer Mulder

5th Josh Harder                                                                               5th Jason Reddy

B + A Split Scratch                       B+A Point-a-lap                           B+A Unknown Distance

1st Adam Reddy                          1st Adam Reddy                          1st Kelyn Akuna

2nd Michael Wegner                     2nd Michael Wegner                     2nd Adam Reddy

3rd Scott Vigliotti                         3rd Kelyn Akuna                           3rd Michael Munro

4th Kelyn Akuna                          4th Scott Vigliotti                          4th Scott Vigliotti

5th Kane Tchir                                                                                5th Kane Tchir

Open House presented by the Burnaby Now 2016

May 17, 2016 | By | No Comments

That’s a wrap! The Burnaby Velodrome’s Open House presented by the Burnaby Now was another success. We had nearly seventy five people ride the boards during the five sessions over two days.

The sessions started with talks of safety and learning how to start and stop a fixed gear bike. We moved onto riding the bikes along the apron (concrete along the bottom of the track) and Cote where there is no minimum speed.

Photo credit- Steven McConnell 

The next progression had riders going up onto the straight aways showing us a great deal of skill and track awareness. Once each of the riders was comfortable with the skills of shoulder checking, speeding up, slowing down, and entering/exiting the track safety we moved on. The next step is the most exciting and what everyone looks forward to the most, riding the corner. The bankings at Burnaby at forty seven degrees at its steepest point and do require a minimum speed of thirty kilometers per hour. We broke the group down into groups of two to five and coach Julian took everyone on for their first laps of the track. This didn’t pose any difficulty for our attendees who took to the boards very quickly.


Once riders got a few laps under their belts with our coaches the group was able to get some extra laps in with coach Julian or on their own if they felt comfortable. We want to say thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed riding the track. We want to say thank you to the Burnaby Now for sponsoring the event. We also want to thank our members who came out and volunteered during the weekend.

For those who missed out on riding the track or who want to give the track a try we have a summer special on our learn to ride program. We are offering five ninety minute sessions including a bike rental, coaching, and insurance. Everything you need to try the track for Eight eight dollars including taxes. Learn to ride programs happen Monday and Friday nights during the summer form 8:30pm-10pm. Sessions are drop in so no need to preregister and we always have coaches on site to run sessions 1 through 5 making learning to ride very easy. Please check out our schedule page for the next available class and our learn to ride page for more information.

For kids under nineteen years of age we offer junior programming specifically for youth. The first three times are free to try including bikes, and coaches. Bike rentals are always free for youth under nineteen years old. We also have a program for Aboriginal youth which happens on Friday. For more information about Aboriginal youth sessions please click here. If anyone has any questions about our programs please email or