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Kelyn Akuna, Author at Burnaby Velodrome Club

Time Trials 3/11

March 17, 2015 | By | No Comments

Congratulations to everyone that participated in our most recent bi-monthly Time Trial series. Next on the calendar is our Sprint Competition on April 15th at 7:00pm.

*At the time of posting we were missing one page of results. We will post the missing times as soon as we can.

Flying 200
Mischa Partridge 11.26
Kelyn Akuna 11.83
Keith Bruneau 12
Khyl Orser 12.03
Vincent Marcott 12.21
Bradley Dean 12.41
Chris Jameson 12.43
Gaelen Kehler 12.45
Marc Campbell 12.7
Jay Delaney 13
Scott Vigliotti 13.48
Wesley Tiger 13.68
Josh Harder 14
Meghan G. 14.43
Chris Matei 14.5
Ian Fingler 14.62
John Mayr 15.48
Jennifer Kohm 16.33
Lachlin Hotchkiss 16.4
Michael Wegner ?
Standing 250m TT
Mischa Partridge 18.25
500m TT
Jennifer Kohm 45.1
1km TT
Khyl Orser 01:14.5
Vincent Marcotte 01:14.6
Bradley Dean 01:15.1
Josh Harder 01:15.3
Chris Jameson 01:15.6
Scott Vigliotti 01:18.4
Jay Delaney 01:18.8
Marc Campbell 01:19.8
Wesley Tiger 01:22.2
Ian Fingler 01:25.2
Chris Matei 01:25.4
John Mayr 01:33.1
Lachlan Hotchkiss 01:42.7
2km IP
John Mayr 03:19.4
3km IP
Jennifer Kohm 04:52.1
4km IP
Chris Matei 06:06.5
Chris Jameson 05:08.7
Vincent Marcotte 04:53.3
Team Sprint
Orser/Partridge/Wegner 43.05
Marcotte/Dean/Akuna 43.65

Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Series Finale

February 12, 2015 | By | No Comments

It’s upon us! Barney & Oscar Films’ Feature Friday Night Race Series presented by Livestock and G-Shock ends tomorrow as racers throw down for the last big race of the season at the Burnaby Velodrome. Zak Kovalcik of Blacklodge Racing will be back in town as the Series’ leader in the A’s to defend last year’s title while in the B’s Bradley Dean of Gastown Racing will be wearing the Vie 13 Leader’s Jersey, hoping to hang on for one more night. Sarah Coney, the current leader in the Women’s field is away and, as the penultimate race is worth double points, runners up Ivy Audrain of Redmond, WA and local Jen Gerth will be battling it out to see who will dethrone the rider from Trek Red Truck Racing. Also, featured in the night’s racing will be our U15’s taking to the track for the first time in the series.

Returning again will be our ever popular Kiddie Kilo for kids of all ages. And, for the adults in the crowd, 33 Acres will be pouring in the beer garden. Be sure to bring your Beer Passport, as the commemorative pint glasses are in!

Racing starts at 7:00pm, see you there!

On deck for Friday:

# Category Laps Race
1 Sprint 3 Sprint 1/2 Finals (1 Ride)
2 U15 25 Scratch
3 B 50% Elimination to Scratch
4 Kiddie Kilo
5 Women 40 Scratch
6 A 46 40 laps to Dutch Win & Out
7 Sprint 3 Sprint Finals 3rd&4th, 1st&2nd Ride 1
8 U15 Elimination
9 B 53 45 laps Belgian Win & Out
10 Women Elimination
11 A 50 Scratch w/3 Primes
12 Sprint 3  Sprint Finals 3rd&4th, 1st&2nd Ride 2
13 U15 30 3×10 Points Race
14 U15 Podium Ceremony
15 B 60 6×10 Points Race
16 Women 50 5×10 Progressive Points
17 A 70 7×10 Points Race
18 Podium Ceremony

Sprint Tournament on Wednesday

February 9, 2015 | By | No Comments

I’ve been getting lots of questions about the upcoming Sprint Tournament on Wednesday so I thought it would be a good time to give a little more information. Let me begin by saying that everyone should attend! Don’t be fooled by its competitive title, “tournament” should really be taken in the loosest version of the word.

We’ll start the night off by having everyone do a flying 200 meter time trial (3.5 laps where,on our track, only the last lap is timed). This is how all sprint tournaments start and it’s used to seed the sprint rounds. Typically a predetermined number of riders, “X” will advance through to the sprint competition. This could be as many as 24 and as few as 4, it really depends on the level of competition and the race organizer. From there the fastest rider would meet the slowest rider to qualify. If for example X=16 than X1 would race X16, X2 would race X15, and so on. For our purposes this will merely help group riders of similar speed.

Once we know how everyone stacks up we’ll run a round robin so that riders race people of similar speed/ability. Since we only have a maximum of two riders on the track at a time the race is hardly “mass start” which is why even people that haven’t taken the Learn to Race can compete. Having said that, all participants must have graduated the Novice training session in order to participate.

Our goal will be to have everyone ride at least three sprint rounds, not including the Flying 200m TT. It’s possible that we may get more riding time but it’s impossible to say since it’s all drop-in. Either way racing will start promptly at 7:00pm. Open track begins at 6:00 so be sure to come early enough to warm up. It’s also a good idea to bring your rollers since there’s lots of recovery between efforts.

Your goal should be to have a fun workout that trains race craft and top end speed.¬†If, for whatever reason, you find the sprinting is too easy…put a smaller gear on and push yourself. Remember to go in with a plan, try something new; you might surprise yourself and find that it works. And, while you’re figuring out what you want to do, just scratch track stands from the list. Yeah they’re kinda cool…when you’re a World Champion, but at the grassroots level, you’re just killing time for everyone else. That and, realistically, few sprinters track stand on the world level anymore (so, when in Rome…).

Last, but not least, we’ll have sprinting at our last Feature Friday Night Race Series event. The sprinting on Friday will be a continuation of the sprinting on Wednesday. The top four riders will be invited to compete on Friday in an exhibition match that goes straight to 1/4 finals. If you want in on the action just let us know on Wednesday when you’re signing up.

On Deck: 2/6

February 6, 2015 | By | No Comments

We’re one week away from the last event in Barney & Oscar’s Feature Friday Night Race Series and only two weeks away from the end of our regular Friday Night Racing Season. With so few races left, you’ll want to be sure to join us any chance you can.

Since we’re nearing the end of the season we’re tacking on some additional races for our Novice Riders to help them prepare. Racing for all categories will begin at 7:00pm.

On deck for Friday:

Category Laps Race
Novice 15 Scratch
C 33 25 laps to Dutch Win & Out
B/A 50 Scratch
Novice Elimination
C 50% Elimination to Scratch
B/A Elimination
Novice 24 3×8 Progressive Points Race
C 50 Handicap Scratch
B/A 50 5×10 ‘Derny’ Points Race

On Deck: 1/30

January 26, 2015 | By | No Comments

Quite possibly the two best races to spectate all in one night…and it’s not even a #FFNRS event:

Category Laps Race
Novice 2 Chariot Heats
Novice 2 Chariot Final
Novice 23 15 Laps to Belgian Win & Out
A/B* 36 30 laps to Dutch Win & Out
C 8 Keirin Heats
5m Open Track
A/B* Elimination
C 8 Keirin Final
5m Open Track
A/B* 50 Scratch
C 50 Scratch
5m Open Track
A/B** 60 3×20 Madison
*A’s 81″ gear
**A/B teams

On Deck: 1/23

January 19, 2015 | By | No Comments

Time to test the speed in those legs…Here’s what’s on deck for Friday’s racing:

Category Laps Race
Novice 20 Scratch
Novice 27 3×9 Points
C 25 Snowball
B* 8 Keirin Heats
A 8 Keirin Heats
C 31 25 laps to Dutch Win & Out
B* 8 Keirin Final
A 8 Keirin Final
C 42 6×7 Points
B/A** 80 8×10 Points
**A’s -20 points, 81″ gear
**B’s 88″ gear

Check In at the Velodrome

January 14, 2015 | By | No Comments

If you’ve been to the track lately you may have noticed a new monitor in the window of the BVC office. If you haven’t been to the track yet this year, you’ll see it there the next time you go (also be sure to fill out a new waiver and renew your Cycling BC license). The monitor is part of a new system to streamline check-in at the track. Rather than scan your barcode, you need only enter the numbers at the end of the barcode in order to successfully check in.

For example, if your barcode is:




This new check in procedure applies to all riders with only two exceptions. If you are coming to the track for your first Learn to Ride, you will still need to check in with the track supervisor. Also, if you are taking part in a specific class, such as a Learn to Race or a Madison Clinic, you will also need to check in with the track supervisor.

This system should make it much faster and easier to check in prior to riding. It will also allow us to better understand the usage patterns of the track so we can more accurately plan sessions and allocate track time. As we typically operate on the honor system, we will occasionally conduct spot checks. If we find that people are riding without checking in we will ask you to leave the session.

On Deck: 1/16

January 13, 2015 | By | No Comments

Friday Night Racing continues this Friday at 6:30. Here’s what’s on deck:

Category Laps Race
Novice Elimination
Novice 21 3×7 Points
C 23 15 laps to Belgian Win & Out
A/B* 30 Snowball
5m Open Track
C Scratch
A/B* Elimination
5m Open Track
C 50 5×10 Progressive Points
A/B* 60 6×10 Points
*A’s 81″ gear
A’s -15 points in Points Race

Track Time Added on Saturday

December 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Back by popular demand, we’ve added Open Track and our Learn to Ride sessions back to the schedule this Saturday!

With the Holidays approaching please be sure to check the schedule before coming to the track. If there is no session listed assume that the building is closed.

Intermediate Session Tonight

December 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Tonight’s Intermediate Coached Workout will be a great opportunity for all #4Day Madison riders to get a chance to practice with their partners. Anyone doing the “B” Madison at the 4 Day is strongly advised to attend. We’ll split the group in two and both groups will have motor paced intervals, it’s just that one group will get to practice exchanges behind the motor while the other does a standard interval at race pace.