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Holiday Workouts

December 24, 2018 | By | No Comments

We will have coached workouts, a clinic, and a special event during our Holiday sessions. These are available to intermediate and advanced riders. 


Dec 27

7-8:30pm – Motor Pacing

This is an individual workout. Riders will ride behind the motor bike taking no more than 2 laps directly behind the motor bike. When their turn is over they will accelerate up beside the Motor bike before pulling off. This allows for the rider behind them to draft and keep the line together. Speed and length of time will be determined based on who is there.


Dec 28

5:30-8:30pm – Madison Clinic ($10)

This clinic is open to anyone wanting to learn madison, and for those who already know to get more experience in a coached environment. This is a pre-requisite if you want to race the Madison. 


Dec 29

7-8:30pm – Take a Lap

Take a lap consists of one group riding on the blue line. The lead rider will listen for the whistle or bell. The coach will ring/ whistle signalling they are to start their effort. The rider must shoulder check before proceeding forward. If it is clear below the rider they are to get out of the saddle and pedal hard as they enter the sprinters lane. Riders must keep their head up at all times. Once the rider reaches the back of the other group they will be required to shoulder check and if it is clear get back on the back of the group.


Dec 30

7-9:30pm – Give Adam a Heart Attack ($10)

As many of you who have been racing have heard, Adam has been having heart problems. He has a 14 day event recorder and in an effort to get some “good” results recorded he needs some help! Short notice racing will take place on Sunday evening starting at 6:30. He will be racing in the first race and leading the second races so if you come to race please be ready to lend a hand if it’s necessary when you’re not racing. There will be a cash prize put up for each category and each race of 10$ from Adam. That means if you win one race then you are basically racing for free! Get that last use of your 2018 Cycling BC license while you can.
Special crawl feature
C – 30 lap scratch
B – 40 lap scratch
A – 50 lap scratch
C B A non combined (unless necessary)- Make Adam Do “Endurance” Keirin. He is the motor bike. Standard Keirin except we start from the rail.
C – 4x? Unknown points
B – 5×? unknown points
A – 6x? unknown points
You won’t know total laps or how often the sprints will come. You will suffer, I promise.
Categories will be run seperately unless it is necessary to combine groups. If we need to then we will discuss the best way to do that.

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