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Burnaby Velodrome Club’s Annual Open House

May 14, 2018 | By | No Comments

That’s a wrap! The Burnaby Velodrome’s Open House was another success. We had nearly sixty people ride the boards during the four sessions over two days.

The sessions started with talks of safety and learning how to start and stop a fixed gear bike. We moved onto riding the bikes along the apron (concrete along the bottom of the track) and Cote where there is no minimum speed.

The next progression had riders going up onto the straight aways showing us a great deal of skill and track awareness. Once each of the riders was comfortable with the skills of shoulder checking, speeding up, slowing down, and entering/exiting the track safety we moved on. The next step is the most exciting and what everyone looks forward to the most, riding the corner. The banking at Burnaby is forty seven degrees at its steepest point and does require a minimum speed of thirty kilometers per hour. Riders started to pick up their speed, and when they were going fast enough they went up to the sprinter’s lane!

Once riders got a few laps under their belts they progressed to riding in different lanes on the track, with some riders making their way up to the rail! We want to say thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed riding the track. We also want to thank our members who came out and volunteered during the weekend.

For those who missed out on riding the track or who want to give the track a try we have a summer special on our learn to ride program. We are offering five ninety minute sessions including a bike rental, coaching, and insurance. Everything you need to try the track for $100 including taxes. Learn to ride programs happen Monday and Friday nights from May to September from 6:30pm-8pm. Sessions are drop in so no need to preregister and we always have coaches on site to run sessions 1 through 5 making learning to ride very easy. Please check out our schedule page for the next available class and our learn to ride page for more information.

For kids under nineteen years of age we offer junior programming specifically for youth. The first three times are free to try including bikes, and coaches. Bike rentals are always free for youth under nineteen years old. We also have a program for Aboriginal youth which happens on Friday. For more information about Aboriginal youth sessions please click here. If anyone has any questions about our programs please email or

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