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March 2018 - Burnaby Velodrome Club


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Thanks to all who came out and made this weekend a success. See you in the Fall!


Friday Results

Saturday Results

Bare Bones 2.0

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Bare Bones 2.0 is just a few weeks away. Check out our schedule here for an action packed weekend!

March 23-25, 2018


Racing starts at 6:30

Scratch/split points race
2 Lap Chariot Qualifying
Belgian win and out
Italian Pursuit (5rider) must contain at least 2 of the following(woman,U19, Master B/C)
2Lap Chariot Final


Racing starts at 10am

200m TT *
Scratch Race
Sprints 1st round
Sprints 2nd Round
Team Sprint

* Keirin Qualifying Riders wishing to ride Keirin must do 200m TT for seeding purposes


Elimination Race
Sprint 3rd Round
Points Race
Sprint 4th Round
Marymoor crawl/Longest Lap
Keirin minor final (7-12 places)
Keirin Final (1-6 places)

Derny race Or Mixed Madison


Track open at 9, group warm up at 10
Sprint and Endurance / Madison clinic if enough interest.

This schedule is subject to change,
All race distances and formats are subject to change based on entries and ability levels

*Sprints will be run in brackets/round robin format based on 200m times and rider abilities

Entry Fees
Novice $60 (no clinic offered at this time)

Juniors $70 add $15 for Sunday Clinic

ABC Masters $80 add $15 for Sunday Clinic

Clinic $30 for those who did not race