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Friday Night Racing Fall Series Results

December 29, 2017 | By | No Comments

Well that’s a wrap!

Our Fall series has come to a close. We have tallied up the points and are ready to announce the winners of the Friday night Fall series.

Our novice series saw plenty of riders of all ages competing for the first time on the track. Many riders upgraded to C’s and B’s. Our “Most Improved” award goes to Mike Whittle, who consistently improved his racing skills throughout the 12 weeks.

The C group was consistently the largest group on the track, and we will no doubt see some of these riders upgrading to B’s in the near future. Our top rider is none other than Spencer Mulder, with 127 points over 26 races. In second place we have David Miller, and in third, only 9 points back, is David “Francis” Miller.

The B group was consistently strong and big field. Neil Davies ran away with the show, accumulating a whopping 147 points. This is his second win in the B category, so he should have his sights set on A’s for the winter series. Emil Marcetta took second, and Nick Jones was third.

The A group set blistering paces and we saw several very talented riders in this field. The Brit, Al Murrison, took top honours, accumulating 110 points over 12 races. In second place we have Amiel Flett-Brown. Third place, only 5 points back, is Jay Delaney.

We want to say thank you to all the riders who made the series so successful. Thank you to our riders who came from from Victoria, Portland, Bellingham and Seattle. Thank you to all of our sponsors who make all of this possible.

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