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Weather Station

January 21, 2017 | By | No Comments

What do the Burnaby Velodrome Club and the International Space Station have in common? They both have a Raspberry Pi with a Sense HAT! I’ve put together a simple weather station that is mounted below the clock at the start/finish line. It measures temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, which is outputted to a simple website, and CSV sheet for historical reference. There’s also a simple thermometer mounted as well, for calibration and accuracy.

Currently the conditions are updated every 30 minutes, but that will be changed to every 5 minutes soon.

*Disclaimer: don’t use this data for anything important, as it’s not guaranteed to be accurate, but it should be within a degree or two. The Pi’s processor generates its own heat, and this had to be compensated for with an algorithm to get the output as accurate as possible. Derek’s code is pretty junky.

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