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June 2016 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

June 17th Friday Night Racing

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Thanks everyone for coming out and making our June 17th Friday night race so successful. The events for the night included Scratch races, points races, win and out, and unknown distance. Our novice category saw a battle between new rider Julian Tsang and the youngster Cormac Chui. The Duo pushed each other but it was the youngster Cormac who ended up taking the win in the scratch, points, and unknown distance race over Julian Tsang. In the Novice scratch junior para rider Lachlan Hotchkiss picked up 3rd place and Gordon Reddy snapped up the 4th place. In the Points race Lachlan again captured 3rd place, with Kuni Ueno snapped up the 4th and Gordon Reddy rounding out the top 5. The final novice race was the unknown distance. A race that really is all about luck. Riders have to place themselves close to the front or roll the dice and try to get off the front before the bell goes. Cormac and Julian finished 1st and second respectively in the mass sprint for the finish. Just behind them was Lachlan Hotchkiss in 3rd, and Gordon Reddy in 4th.

Photo credit- Steve McConnell

The C category saw some very exciting racing through the night. Gastown Cycling team was out in full force in both the A/B combined field and the C field. Tom Baker was able to hold off Dom Adamoski, Derek (the sandbagger) Ulrich, Andrew Lepper and Adam Holcombe in the 30 lap scratch race. In the Points race Adam Holcombe and Derek Ulrich placed 1st and second with Tom Baker in 3rd, Dom Adamoski in 4th, and Kevin Atkinson in 5th. The 15 laps to win and out saw a big move from Adam Holcombe coming in solo for the win. Just behind in was Andrew Lepper in 2nd, Tom Baker in 3rd, Dom Adamoksi in 4th, and Kevin Atkinson in 5th.

Photo credit- Steve McConnell

The A/B race brought new faces from the US as well as our local heavy hitters. The first race of the night was the 40 lap scratch race. The race was won by Michael Wegner form Langois Brown over Alete-Fort Cyclery rider Kelyn Akuna. 3rd place was captured by Jay Delaney form Gastown Cycling, 4th place was taken by John White also from Gastown Cycling. Rounding out our top 5 was the always aggressive Adam  the Aldergrove assassin Reddy from Alete-Fort Cyclery. The Points race was again dominated by Michael Wegner who placed consistently racking up the most points for the win. Just behind him was the Aldergrove assassin  Adam Reddy in second place. Third place went to Gastown’s Jay Delaney, 4th place went to Kristian Miller up from the states. John White from Gastown rounded out the top 5. The final race of the night was the always exciting win and out. The riders looked to place themselves close to the front for the final sprint. It would be Adam Reddy who would go on to win the race with Kelyn Akuna finishing in second. Youngster Tyler Davies from Tag Cycling showed impressive speed to capture 3rd place. 4th place went to Jay Delaney and Michael Wegner rounded out the top 5.


Novice 20 lap Scratch race             Novice 4×5 Points Race               Novice Unknown Distance

1st Cormac Chui                            1st Cormac Chui                          1st Cormac Chui

2nd Julian Tsang                            2nd Julian Tsang                          2nd Julian Tsang

3rd Lachlan Hotchkiss                    3rd Lachlan Hotchkiss                   3rd Lachlan Hotchkiss

4th Gordon Reddy                          4th Kuni Ueno                               4th Gordon Reddy

5th Gordon Reddy(points race)


C 30 Lap Scratch                  C 3×10 Points race              C 15 laps to win and out

1st Tom Baker                      1st Adam Holcombe            1st Adam Holcombe

2nd Dom Adamoski               2nd Derek Ulrich                 2nd Andre Lepper

3rd Derek Ulrich                    3rd Tom Baker                    3rd Tom Baker

4th Andrew Lepper                4th Dom Adamoski             4th Dom Adamoski

5th Adam Holcombe             5th Kevin Atkinson             5th Kevin Atkinson

A+B 40 lap Scratch            A+B 4×10 Points race         A+B 20 laps to win and out

1st Michael Wegner            1st Michael Wegner            1st Adam Reddy

2nd Kelyn Akuna                2nd Adam Reddy                2nd Kelyn Akuna

3rd Jay Delaney                 3rd Jay Delaney                  3rd Tyler Davies

4th John White                  4th Kristian Miller                 4th Jay Delaney

5th Adam Reddy               5th John White                     5th Michael Wegner

Time Trial Results June 15th

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Thanks everyone for coming out to our time trial night. The night proved to be a great way for experienced and new riders alike. Gaining experience with the starting gate and practising the lines will be very important leading into Provincial Championships. We are proud to say BC Provincial Championships will be happening August 26th-28th at the Burnaby Velodrome.

Photocredit- Steve McConnell

Flying 200 meter Time Trial

Rob Gooch 12.15

Tyler Davies 12.53

Kane Tchir 12.60

Dylan Wiwad 12.85

Tegan Cochrane 13.01

Robert Freeman 13.05

Doug Muir 13.43

Jason Reddy 13.85

Lachlan Hotchkiss 14.16

Dave Huebert 14.36

Michael McIntosh 14.51

Spencer Mulder 14.55

Robert Lynds 14.76

Charles Mulder 16.21

500 meter time trial

1st Tyler Davies 37.35

2nd Tegan Cochrane 39.30

Dave Huebert 44.6

1km time trial 

1st Dylan Wiwad 1:16.87

Rob Gooch 1:17.23

Robert Freeman 1:17.9

Kane Tchir 1:18.50

Doug Muir 1:21.75

Jason Reddy 1:24.47

Lachlan Hotchkiss 1:24.87

Michael McIntosh 1:27.69

Robert Lynds 1:28.99

Spencer Mulder 1:32.30

Charles Mulder 1:35.31

3km Time Trial

Bradley Dean 4:02.69

Dave Huebert 4:39.89

4km Time Trial 

Spencer Mulder 6:12.60