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December 2015 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

Holiday Break Schedule

December 21, 2015 | By | No Comments

Hi everyone,

We have a few changes to our schedule for the holiday season. Don’t worry we return to business as usual on January 2nd. Happy Holidays from everyone here at the Burnaby Velodrome.

December 21st- Monday we have open track 2-4:30pm and junior training 4:30-6pm.

December 22nd- Tuesday morning 9am-noon

December 23rd- Open track from 2pm-4:30pm, junior training 4:30-6pm, open track 6-6:30pm, advanced workout 6:30pm-8pm, intermediate training 8-9:15pm, and open track 9:15-10:30pm

December 24th- Closed

December 25th- Closed

December 26th- Closed

December 27th- Closed

December 28th- Open track 2pm-3pm, sask cycling camp 3pm-6pm, open track 6pm-10pm

December 29th- Open track 2pm-3pm, sask cycling camp 3pm-6pm, open track 6pm-10pm

December 30th- Open track 2pm-3pm, sask cycling camp 3pm-6pm, open track 6pm-10pm

December 31st- Closed

January 1st- Closed

January 2nd -7pm-8:30pm open track, 8:30pm-10:30pm Learn to ride

For more information about our hours available please visit or schedule page here-

Any questions please email

Wednesday Night Time Trial Results

December 5, 2015 | By | No Comments

Flying 200m Times

Keith Bruneau 11.91

Adam Reddy 11.97

Galen Kehler 12.00

Matt Chater 12.11

Chris Jameson 12.31

Dylan Wiwad 12.70

Anselmo Rossiello 12.81

Bradley Dean 12.85

Bruce Denis 12.93

Marc Campbell 13.03

Jeff Kemp 13.24

Kane Tchir 13.26

Chris Walls 13.30

Ryan Golbeck 13.55

Jason Reddy 13.60

Mark Asehine 13.80

Nathan Killam 13.81

Andrew Lepper 13.95

Tom Baker 13.98

Robert Freeman 14.10

Jennifer Gerth 14.31

Jennifer Killam 15.15

George Muenz 15.19

Aaron Greenberg 15.20

Chris Matie 15.28

Kyle Ulinder 15.91

Neil Salway 16.14


Standing 500m

Jennifer Killam 43.24

Neil Salway 47.94

George Muenz 49.25

*Timing error for Jennifer Gerth


Standing 1 km Time Trial

Adam Reddy 1:09.91

Galen Kehler 1:10.85

Michael Wegner 1:14.00

Chris Jameson 1:15.33

Dylan Wiwad 1:15.46

Jeff Kemp 1:17.87

Bradley dean 1:18.78

Bruce Denis 1:18.98

Nathan Killam 1:19.37

Robert Freeman 1:19.62

Jason Reddy 1:20.52

Kane Tchir 1:20.80

Ryan Golbeck 1:21.04

Kyle Ulinder 1:21.95

Mark Aseltine 1:23.05

Tom Baker 1:24.02

Andrew Lepper 1:28.73

Chris Matie 1:29.56

Aaron Greenberg 1:29.73

Standing 3 km Pursuit

Jennifer Gerth 4:35.03

Jennifer Killam 4:41.99

Standing 4km Pursuit

Galen Kehler 5:02.69

Kane Tchir 5:21.15

Nathan Killam 5:31.36

Ryan Golbeck 5:44.92

Aaron Greenberg 6:24.54

Team Sprint

Matt Chater, Michael Wegner, Kelyn Akuna- 42.52

Adam Reddy, Kane Tchir, Jason Reddy -44.38

Chris Jameson, Jeff Kemp, Dylan Wiwad- 45.07

Team Pursuit

Gastown Cycling (Jeff Kemp, Dylan Wiwad, Bradley Dean, Chris Jameson)- 5:16.88