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October 2015 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

Friday Night racing update-Schedule included

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Hey everyone,

The series is heating up with six weeks remaining in our program. The A category is a tight race with four riders all within seven points of one another. Kelyn Akuna (Fort Cyclery) is leading with Michael Wegner (Langois Brown) sitting in second, Amiel Flett-Brown in third and Vince Marcotte (Langois Brown) in fourth. The B category is still anyones race but two riders Jay Delaney(Gastown cycling) and Nial Dempsey(Jubilee Cycle) sit within two points of one another. Youngster Tyler Davies tops the C category over mountain man Greg Mathews. The B women’s category is topped by Olympian Georgia Simmering with a narrow four point lead over rising star Maggie Coles-Lyster (local ride racing), and Sarah Coney (Trek Red truck) is sitting just a single point behind Maggie to round out the podium. The C ladies has been growing in popularity over the series. Jennifer Kohm is leading the series with Jenny Auxier (UBC) sitting in second and Rachel Canning (ATAC) in third. Margaret Ovenell and Kaitlin Wood sit just two points behind Rachel in a tie for fourth.

Below is program for the remaining nights in our series. Who will be crowned the winner at the end to take the Jakroo overall leaders jersey? Stay tuned!


Friday Night racing schedule

*changes to lengths and events can be made by program coordinator or race organizer depending on field sizes, time restrictions, etc.


Night four- October 30th

Halloween themed race

Novice- Scratch

Sprint- First round- open track if no sprints

Novice- Points

C- Scratch-25

B- Scratch-40

A- Scratch-45

Novice-Unknown Distance

Sprints round 2

C- Ozzy pursuit

B-Ozzy Pursuit
A-Ozzy Pursuit

Break if A and B fields are combined

C- Points race * best costumes get 1 lap on the field for all categories as voted by the other riders

B- Points race

A- Points race


Night 5- November 6th

Novice- Scratch

10 min open track

Novice- 5 lap Scratch to Elimination

C- Scratch/Split points race

B- Scratch/split points race

A- Scratch/Split points race

Novice-  Unknown Distance


C- Belgian Win and out

B- Belgian Win and out

A- Belgian Win and out

Italian Pursuit (5 rider) Must contain at least 1 woman and 1 junior

C-Snowball- 25

B- Snowball-40

A- Snowball-45


Night six – November 13th

Novice- Scratch

sprint round 1

novice- Points race 5×5




Novice- 5 lap scratch to elimination

Sprints round 2

C- Black Jack points race

B- Black Jack points race

A -Black Jack points race

10 min break if sprinters are racing 3rd round

sprint final- If needed




Marymoor Crawl- C/B/A categories eligible (exhibition event does not count for overall points)


Night seven November 20th

Novice- Scratch

Sprint round 1

Novice- Elimination

C-Dutch win and out

B- Dutch win and out

A- Dutch win and out

Novice- 5×5 Points race

Sprint round 2

C- 2×15 lap Points race

B- 3×15 lap points race

A- 4×15 lap points race

10 min break if sprinters are racing 3rd round

sprint final if needed

C- 35 lap scratch

B- 45 lap scratch

A- 45 lap scratch


Night Eight- November 27th

Novice- Scratch

Sprints Keirin

Novice- Points race

Sprints Keirin

C- Antioquena – point a lap on the front elimination on the back top 5 only keep their points

B- Antioquena

A- Antioquena

Novice- Elimination

Sprints Keirin

C- 30 lap Scratch

B- 40 lap Scratch

A- 45 lap Scratch

C- 25 lap Snowball

B- 35 lap Snowball

A- 40 lap Snowball


Night Nine- December 4th

Novice- Scratch 20 laps

Sprints round 1

Novice- Win and out

Sprints round 2

C- Unknown Distance

B- Unknown Distance

A- Unknown Distance

Novice- 4×5 Points race

Sprints Round 3 if necessary

C- Elimination

B- Elimination

A- Elimination

C– Black jack points race

B- Black Jack points race

A- Black Jack points race


Night 11- Series Final- December 11th

Novice- Scratch

Sprints- Keirin

Novice- Win and out

C- Dutch win and out

B- Dutch win and out

A- Dutch win and out

Novice- 4×5 points race

Sprints Keirin

C- 30 lap Snowball

B- 40 lap Snowball

A 45 lap Snowball

(open track)

Sprints Keirin if final round needed- Open track before for recovery


B- Antioquena



Marymoor Crawl (exhibition event does not count to overall)

Learn to ride and regular members

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Hey everyone,

Just a gentle reminder that the LTR sessions on the schedule are set aside first and foremost for those riders who are learning to ride the track. We want to be as accommodating to everyone as possible, but with winter comes a much larger interest in going around in small circles outside of the rain. Teaching a group of 12+ people how to ride the track for the first time requires a lot of attention and work on the coaches part, and the addition of riders who are there to ’do their own thing’ adds an extra challenge to us. We ask that you respect the new riders and help us to make their first experiences on the track a fun one. So what does this mean for you? If you come to an LTR or novice workout and are not participating in either we ask that you approach the coaches upon arrival to the track (or if you are crossing over from Open time please approach us before the lesson starts), and let us know what your workout needs are. We will do our best to accommodate you into the group in as safe a manner as possible. If we feel there is an unsafe amount of people on the track, or that your specific interval will put the safety of the LTR riders at risk we may ask you to come off the track for a few minutes. Please remember that we are not trying to interrupt your workout, but that we are only concerned for the safety of ALL riders on the track. Lastly, if you are riding during LTR time, please remember we expect you to be an example of safe riding to the new riders. This means no buzzing new riders, no riding with no hands, shoulder checking and communicating, and respecting the coaches and other riders.

Thanks in advance, and happy riding!

Bare Bones weekend November 6th, 7th, and 8th

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Info about the upcoming Bare Bones weekend.

Where is it?
Burnaby Veldrodrome Club
7564 Barnet Hwy,
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1E7

When is it?-Friday 6:30-9pm

-Saturday 9am doors open for the facility, 10:30am racing starts and will run until the evening.

-Sunday 9am doors open for the facility, 10:30am racing starts and will run until 2pm.

What does it cost? Entry fee is $50 for the weekend, $30 if you are a race pass holder.

This is the tentative Schedule- Depending on number of riders we will change distances. Organizer can make changes to events.


Scratch/split points race

Chariot races

Belgian win and out

Italian Pursuit (5rider) must contain at least1woman 1junior



200m TT (8 qual)

1st round sprints 1 ride

Miss and out

Semi final Sprint 1 ride

1Km Handicap/wheel race qualifying

Team match sprint(undecided)

Unknown Points race


Team Sprint

1Km Handicap/wheel race final

Team match sprint(undecided)

Point a lap

Sprint minor 1st ride

Sprint final 1st ride

scratch race

Sprint 5-8

Sprint minor 2nd ride

Sprint final 2nd ride


Sprint minor 3rd if nec.

Sprint final 3rd if nec.

Blackjack points race

1st and last elimination


Keirin qualifying

Unknown distance points race

Keirin semi

Marymoor crawl

Derny race (elite rider as derny with woman/junior/b or c racer