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January 2015 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

On Deck: 1/30

January 26, 2015 | By | No Comments

Quite possibly the two best races to spectate all in one night…and it’s not even a #FFNRS event:

Category Laps Race
Novice 2 Chariot Heats
Novice 2 Chariot Final
Novice 23 15 Laps to Belgian Win & Out
A/B* 36 30 laps to Dutch Win & Out
C 8 Keirin Heats
5m Open Track
A/B* Elimination
C 8 Keirin Final
5m Open Track
A/B* 50 Scratch
C 50 Scratch
5m Open Track
A/B** 60 3×20 Madison
*A’s 81″ gear
**A/B teams

On Deck: 1/23

January 19, 2015 | By | No Comments

Time to test the speed in those legs…Here’s what’s on deck for Friday’s racing:

Category Laps Race
Novice 20 Scratch
Novice 27 3×9 Points
C 25 Snowball
B* 8 Keirin Heats
A 8 Keirin Heats
C 31 25 laps to Dutch Win & Out
B* 8 Keirin Final
A 8 Keirin Final
C 42 6×7 Points
B/A** 80 8×10 Points
**A’s -20 points, 81″ gear
**B’s 88″ gear

Check In at the Velodrome

January 14, 2015 | By | No Comments

If you’ve been to the track lately you may have noticed a new monitor in the window of the BVC office. If you haven’t been to the track yet this year, you’ll see it there the next time you go (also be sure to fill out a new waiver and renew your Cycling BC license). The monitor is part of a new system to streamline check-in at the track. Rather than scan your barcode, you need only enter the numbers at the end of the barcode in order to successfully check in.

For example, if your barcode is:




This new check in procedure applies to all riders with only two exceptions. If you are coming to the track for your first Learn to Ride, you will still need to check in with the track supervisor. Also, if you are taking part in a specific class, such as a Learn to Race or a Madison Clinic, you will also need to check in with the track supervisor.

This system should make it much faster and easier to check in prior to riding. It will also allow us to better understand the usage patterns of the track so we can more accurately plan sessions and allocate track time. As we typically operate on the honor system, we will occasionally conduct spot checks. If we find that people are riding without checking in we will ask you to leave the session.

On Deck: 1/16

January 13, 2015 | By | No Comments

Friday Night Racing continues this Friday at 6:30. Here’s what’s on deck:

Category Laps Race
Novice Elimination
Novice 21 3×7 Points
C 23 15 laps to Belgian Win & Out
A/B* 30 Snowball
5m Open Track
C Scratch
A/B* Elimination
5m Open Track
C 50 5×10 Progressive Points
A/B* 60 6×10 Points
*A’s 81″ gear
A’s -15 points in Points Race