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On Deck 10/31

October 27, 2014 | By | No Comments

How are you spending your Halloween? We’ll be going fast and turning left, and we encourage you to join us! We’ll kick racing off 30 minutes later than usual this week to help anyone get to the track that has to take their little ones out trick-or-treating first. That being said, keep your costumes on; each rider’s ‘mark’ in the Handicap will be based on how good your costume is (in addition to ability). A couple of reminders:

  • If you plan on racing in your costume it can’t impede motion, restrict vision, or possibly come off!
  • Please bring a friend to the races, we’ll need plenty of holders!
Group Laps Race Type
Novice 24 3×8 Points
Novice 10 Halloween Handicap
C 32 4×8 Progressive Points
B 30 laps to Belgian Win & Out
A 50 Scratch w/Trick-or-Treat Primes
C Antioquena
B 45 Scratch w/Trick-or-Treat Primes
A 10 Halloween Handicap
C 10 Halloween Handicap
B 10 Halloween Handicap
A 60 6×10 Points

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