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August 2014 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

Time Trials 8/12

August 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Great job to everyone that made it out to our pre-Track Fest time trials. Since Provincial Championships are being held September 12th-14th in Burnaby, there will not be a sprint tournament in September. However, our Friday Night Racing series begins October 3rd and our First Feature Friday Night Race Series event takes place on October 10th. This puts the next Sprint Tournament on October 8th!

Flying 200
Khyl Orser 12.33
Michael Wegner 12.71
Brad Dean 12.9
Roni Jones 13.58
Tom Baker 14.01
Blair Benjamin 14.16
Dave Henderson 15.08
Annie Maurer 15.28
Joshua Harder 15.33
Dennis Smith 16.08
Stephanie Chua 16.58
500m TT
Kaitlin Wood 43.75
Annie Maurer 46.9
Stephanie Chua 49.18
1km TT
Roni Jones 0:01:20.10
Brad Dean 0:01:18.81
Dave Henderson 0:01:25.93
Joshua Harder 0:01:31.00
Blair Benjamin 0:01:22.68
Michael Wegner 0:01:16.83
Tom Baker 0:01:24.38
Dennis Smith 0:01:37.30
3km IP
Kaitlin Wood 0:04:50.52
Stephanie Chua 0:05:10.76
4km IP
Michael Wegner 0:05:31.47
Roni Jones 0:05:37.16
Brad Dean 0:05:39.67
Dave Henderson 0:06:24.51
Kaitlin Wood 0:06:45.35
Dennis Smith 0:06:59.20