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June 2014 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

Social Ride Cancelled today

June 27, 2014 | By | No Comments

The beauty of an indoor track is that we can ride regardless of the weather. Unfortunately when part of the ride is outdoors it’s not too fun if it’s raining. Sadly we’ll be cancelling our social ride today due to the rain. We’ll be back at it, hopefully, the last Friday in July. Hope to see you there. Instead of the structured training today we’ll have open track for anyone that wants to take advantage of track time.

June Time Trial Results

June 12, 2014 | By | No Comments

Walking in to the track today I was pleasantly surprised by the number of riders that had come to participate in our bi-monthly time trials. For many tonight’s event was a useful stepping stone in preparing for the Greater Victoria Velodrome Association’s Track Fest I being held at the Westshore Velodrome next week. For others, it was an opportunity to test their fitness in what was, for all intents and purposes, another great training night. Coming up next month, everyone will have a chance to test their sprint legs as we transition back to a sprint tournament on July 16th.

A big thank you to our volunteers this evening: Luis, Greg, Steve, Cole, and Byron! As a volunteer run organization we’re always looking for help with our events, big or small. If you have time to help or would like more information about the roles you might fill, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

*You may notice there are a couple of results missing, we’ll fill those in as soon as we get the last results sheet.

Flying 200s

Keith Bruneau 11.88
Cole Harden 12.05
Stephen Butchart 12.43
Simon LePine 13.08
Brad Dean 13.1
Claire Cameron 13.35
Jason Reddy 13.51
Roni Jones 13.81
John Forstrom 13.98
Mark Mathew 14.03
Ben Auxier 14.36
Jen Gerth 14.78
Dave Henderson 15.11
Charles Haliburton 15.21
Rachel Chudnow 15.81
Dennis Smith 16.83


500m TT

Claire Cameron 40.76
Jen Gerth 45.06
Rachel Chudnow
John Forstrom


1km TT

Jason Reddy 01:22.3
Mark Mathew 01:21.8
Dennis Smith 01:36.0
Dave Henderson 01:27.7
Roni Jones 01:20.9
Ben Auxier 01:29.2
Charles Haliburton 01:31.7
Simon LePine 01:17.6


3km Individual Pursuit

Claire Cameron 04:08.9
Jen Gerth 04:21.9
Rachel Chudnow 04:42.3
Kaitlin Wood
Dennis Smith


4km Individual Pursuit

Brad Dean 05:25.5
Roni Jones 05:33.5
Mark Mathew 05:58.8
Ben Auxier 06:02.3
Dave Henderson 06:21.3


Team Sprint

Team 1 Time
Stephen Butchart 43.37
Keith Bruneau
Cole Harden
Team 2
Roni Jones 46.59
Jason Reddy
Simon LePine

Gary Ryan on Vie 13

June 9, 2014 | By | No Comments

Vie 13, an up-and-coming custom clothing manufacturer based in the US, is the official jersey supplier of the Burnaby Velodrome Club. Working with them over the last year we’ve had the opportunity to put credence to their claim of providing technical gear without compromise. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at their Instagram feed. You may recognize many of the riders including Njisane Phillips, Theresa Cliff-Ryan, and Caroline Buchanon to name a few. For a company that’s only been around for a few years they boast a pretty impressive resume.

For us, partnering with Vie 13 was about more than just the results. We appreciated their philosophy and could sense we had common goals; quite simply, offer the best to everyone. Always available to his customers (another aspect we value), we had the chance to speak with Gary Ryan, one of the founders and owners of the company, about his brand and this is what he had to say…

BVC: What’s the significance of “Vie 13”? Why did you choose that name?

Gary: Initially we just wanted an upside down 13 as the logo, it’s such a common thing in cycling. The upside down 13 has been used for over 100 years in races like the Tour. It’s so familiar that even when we launched in Vegas we had people come up and look at the stuff and say we know this brand.

Back in the day they used to call it, “Making your own luck.” I liked that, make your own luck. Cycling is such a hard, graveling sport. And then “Vie” is just a really fitting word. Obviously it means “to contend”, but in French it’s pronounced differently and mean’s “life”, in German “road”, and in Italian “go”. It has a different meaning in all of the countries where we are but it really works with all of them.

BVC: Your website talks a lot about how you started the company because you didn’t want clothing with compromise. Care to elaborate?

Gary: We’ve always had a women’s team and at the time there really wasn’t much in the way of women’s lines. They existed but it wasn’t really what we wanted. So we thought we could do better ourselves. In fact, the prototypes we make are always women’s. You know you know your craft if you’re making women’s clothes first, the men’s stuff is easy after that.

BVC: I know I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the clothing you guys have been producing. In your mind, what really sets you apart?

Gary: From the outside, definitely quality. When we started no one was really using Italian fabrics everyone was just focusing on price point. So we figured we could focus on the quality. We use some of the same fabrics as Assos and the exact same chamois that’s used in their $360 shorts. Another example is that we use a 4-way stretch, dimpled fabric in the shoulder of our pro jerseys. In the end it may only save 5 watts but that may just be the difference.

We’re obsessed with making things functionally quicker, we want all of our products to be a bit faster than the competition…a speed boutique if you will. It might just be my track sprint background where every millisecond counts but that’s what we try to accomplish. Just recently we (wind) tunnel tested in Texas and our pro suit, which is slower than our speed suit, was still faster than the leading competition! We’re always looking to push the envelope.


Never satisfied resting on their laurels Gary also spoke a bit about some of the products they have in development. While I’m not able to give all of the details, let’s just say you’ll likely be seeing many more upside down 13’s on the front of jerseys and speedsuits in the future! Vie 13 really does embody the phrase “Make your own luck.”