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May 2014 - Burnaby Velodrome Club

Time to Race in the Sun

May 29, 2014 | By | No Comments

It’s long been thought that things at the track come to a halt over the summer months. Don’t forget, we don’t have any brakes; we’re not big fans of stopping!

Along with our weekly coached workouts and newly added summer social rides, we like to take the opportunity to support our neighbor tracks when the sun is shining. Over the course of the summer we’ll be heading out as a club to race at the Westshore Velodrome in Victoria as well the Marymoor Velodrome in Redmond, Washington. Marymoor’s season starts tomorrow evening for those not participating in the Robert Cameron Law Series on the island. That being said, our first big outing will be to Trackfest #1 in Victoria from June 20th-22nd. Stay tuned for more details about transportation.

Sprint Tournament 5/14

May 15, 2014 | By | No Comments

Nine brave souls rolled onto the track to start the sprint competition last night despite beautiful Vancouver weather. Given the flying 200 times and the number of starters the group was split into two. While the time spread between the first group of three riders was only about .6 seconds the disparity between the times in the second group prompted a gear restriction to help level the playing field.

In the first round Aaron Greenberg managed to oust Jason “Hot & Ready” Reddy with a great razor into the finish. As some of you may know Aaron was voted Most Improved rider last season and his performances on the track continue to prove why. Another standout performance came from Dave Henderson. Two years ago Dave started at one of our Open Houses and last night he went undefeated in his group. Great job Dave!

With the smaller group we decided to mix things up a bit by throwing in a Team Sprint at the end of the night. It was a great learning experience for all and a welcome addition to the evening’s sprint program.

Our monthly race series continues in June with Time Trials on Wednesday June 11th. As always it’ll be a great opportunity to set benchmarks for training and, for those riders going to compete in Victoria’s Trackfest, it’ll also be a good opportunity to dust off the aerobars and get ready to compete in the sun. While the events may sound daunting to those disinterested in racing, the time trials and sprint tournaments are really workouts by any other account. And, aside from the energy systems you train they also present a unique opportunity to train tactics and track awareness, areas often neglected in other workouts. Hope to see you in June.

Flying 200’s
Kelyn Akuna* 11.9
Cole Harden* 12.3
Steve Butchart* 12.5
Jason Reddy 13.4
Dave Henderson 14.8
Johnny Sonnenschein 14.9
Michael McIntosh 14.9
Aaron Greenberg 15
Charles Haliburton 15
*Indicates Group 1
Round 1
Aaron G. def Jason R.
Johnny S. def Mike M.
Dave H. def Charles H.
Kelyn A. def Cole H.
Round 2
Jason R. def Mike M.
Dave H. def Johnny S.
Charles H. def Aaron G.
 Cole H. def Steve B.
Round 3
Jason R. def Johnny S.
Dave H. def Mike M.
Charles H. def Aaron G.
Kelyn A. def Steve B.

New Group Ride

May 1, 2014 | By | No Comments

When I first started riding the track as a junior the thing that I loved most about the discipline was how great the people were. The rhythm of the workouts seemed to be: work hard, socialize, repeat…As many of us are recreational cyclists, and even those that race do so for the challenge not the money, it’s an ethos that’s easy to back. That’s why, this summer, in order to take advantage of the great weather and promote the social aspect of our sport we’re starting a group ride. First, the details:

When: Leave at 6:00pm, the last Friday of every month (May-August)

Where: Meet at Musette Caffe, Chinatown

Who: Anyone that has graduated the Learn to Ride/Novice sessions

What: Group ride to the track for a coached workout with food and drinks on the way back

Now, the specifics…

The last Friday of every month we’ll meet a Musette Caffe, Chinatown for the start of our group ride. From there we’ll head to the track via the Adanac bike path. Once we arrive, we’ll quickly break out our track bikes and, since we’ll already be warmed up, get straight into the workout. Afterwards, we’ll pack up our things and head out for a bite to eat and some drinks (if you’ve been to our Feature Friday Night Race Series events you know that we’re fans of the burgeoning micro-brew industry, we’ll let your imagination take it from there). Sound fun? It will be!

The ride is open to everyone but in order to do the workout you will need to have graduated our Learn to Ride/Novice Coached Sessions. This is to ensure that the workout goes smoothly. That being said, if you’d rather just show up after the ride, or meet us at the track after the workout, we’ll announce where we’re going on Twitter and Facebook that day so be sure to “Like” us or follow us on Twitter. We’ll arrive at the track at or just before 7:00 and the workout will last approximately one hour.

Let the summer begin…