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Sprint Tournament Results 3/21

April 17, 2014 | By | No Comments

Better late than never! A great job to all of the competitors that came out to our March sprint tournament. Looking back, this particular race night has to have been one of the highlights of our winter race season for me. Very close racing and, tactically, it really highlighted the progression that so many racers have had throughout the race season.

Also, congratulations to the many youth riders we had participating in our sprint tournament. Many of whom rode their first ever flying 200 and match sprint competition. I think it’s safe to say we can expect great things from this group!

The next sprint tournament will be taking place on Wednesday May 14th at 7:00pm. The sprint tournaments are open to all riders that have been through the LTR courses. You do not need to have taken the Learn to Race in order to compete. It’s best to think of the competitions as a training session of sorts. It’s a great way to learn how to sprint and have a fun in the process.

Flying 200’s
Name Time
Kelyn Akuna 11.92
Matt Chater 12.29
Adam Reddy 12.41
Amiel Flett-Brown 12.48
Eric Mulder 12.54
Chris Jameson 12.59
Steve Butchart 12.59
Cole Harden 12.65
Julian Base 12.77
Michael Wegner 12.84
Jason Reddy* 13.09
Kevin Hay 13.26
Simon LePine 13.38
Derek Ulrich 13.43
Krista Ruby 13.43
Spencer Mulder 13.54
John White 13.59
Ryan Jones 13.59
Bradley Dean 13.66
Alex H. 13.81
Ronnie Jones 13.84
Tom Baker 14.15
Jessica Reynolds* 14.75
Dave Henderson 14.88
Aaron Greenberg 14.89
Jordan Delaney* 14.96
Meghan Grant 15.18
Margaret Ovenell* 15.45
Judith Wan* 16.5
Eric Worman* 17.28
Scott* 17.81
Wyatt Schnare* 17.87
Joel Worman* 20.87
Andrena Johnson* 23.13
Cormack Chiu* ?
 *Denotes youth rider
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Round 1
Meghan G. def Cole H. def Spencer M. def
Jordan D. Michael W. Brad D.
Dave H. def Adam R. def Derek U. def
Judith W. Chris J. John W.
Jess R. def Steve B. def Ryan J. def
Margaret O. Julian B. Kevin H.
Cormack C. def Eric M. def Simon L. def
Aaron G. Amiel F. Tom B.
Krista R. def
Meghan G.
Jason R. def
Ronnie J.
Round 2
Cormack C. def Cole H. def Derek U. def
Jordan D. Steve B. Bradley D.
Dave H. def Adam R. def Simon L. def
Margaret O. Erik M. Kevin H.
Aaron G. def Julian B. def Alex H.
Jess R. Amiel F. Ronnie J.
Kelyn A. def Jason R. def
Michael W. Tom B.
Ryan C. def
Krista R.
Spencer M.
Round 3
Jess R. def Erik M. def Bradley D. def
Dave H. Cole H. Alex H.
Steve B. def Derek U. def
Amiel F. Cormack C.
Julian B. def Spencer M. def
Michael W. Tom B.
Kelyn A. def Simon L. def
Adam R. Jason R.
Ryan C. def
Krista R.
Kevin H. def
Aaron G.

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